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File: MiirGui [Core]02-17-18
Hello! Im trying to make a custom c...
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Hello! Im trying to make a custom color but i still getting the blue boarders! I m changing to grey nothing happens but what i am actually trying to do is make it red through the ''Misc Color'' option etc...What am i doing wrong and how can i make custom colors? Thank you :) The color setting is for font-colors only. There is no w...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]02-01-18
Awesome! Big thanks. Out of curi...
Posted By: Miiru
Awesome! Big thanks. Out of curiosity, what happened with the former version? Was it the game that screwed with the files? The bags.blp file was altered, they added that 'get 4 more bag slots' stuff into it. By doing that, the quality borders changed their place inside the texture file and this caused the weird look.
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]01-27-18
Could it be that todays patch screw...
Posted By: Miiru
Could it be that todays patch screwed up a few things? The glow around newly looted items is slightly misplaced. The quality color is white on nearly every item when opening the bank for the first time each session. Fixed.
File: MiirGui [Core]01-27-18
got problems with guild's vault. di...
Posted By: Miiru
got problems with guild's vault. disabling the core fixes the issue. https://gyazo.com/70fa9b71d1636046c5a03724e0e469d3 You must be missing a file, probably containerframe/quality.blp. Green alwas refers to a missing or/and broken file.
File: MiirGui [Core]01-08-18
Re: Miirgui werid
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So i have installed Miirgui and the blue addon pack. Downloaded the Iconīs to the blue and pasted it in the INTERFACE folder. When i log in to wow. There is this green border around everything, and i can't see anything in my bags :o How do i fix this?:confused: You pasted it in the wrong folder :D If I had to guess, i'd say you past...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]12-31-17
It is baffling to me that any addon...
Posted By: Miiru
It is baffling to me that any addon would revert the texture back to the blizzard one which has been overwritten by miirgui texture pack. I do not even know how that would be achievable unless the addon has a local copy of the default blizzard actionbutton border and applies it (does not make any sense at all) or pulls it directl...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]12-30-17
The buttons on the standard bars lo...
Posted By: Miiru
The buttons on the standard bars lose the skin after some time of playing. It also happens when using vendors, opening collections. The dark blue outline around buttons turns nearly grey. Reloading the UI fixes this for a short time. I dont have any addon that changes the buttons. That is a weird behavior indeed. I just played...
File: MiirGui [Core]12-30-17
try deleting castingbar/UI-CastingB...
Posted By: Miiru
try deleting castingbar/UI-CastingBar-Small-Shield.blp
File: MiirGui [Core]12-18-17
Re: Rest of interface
Posted By: Miiru
Hi, first of all I want to thank you for this addon and I hope you find a solution for a situation soon. I'm building a UI and since your texture pack is good looking and low resource I decided to use it. I looked at the screenshots of the rest of your UI and it looks very nice, would it be possible for you to kindly publish the...
File: MiirGui [Core]11-06-17
What are those nice unitframes in t...
Posted By: Miiru
What are those nice unitframes in the screenshots?? Modified Pitbull 4 unitframes.
File: MiirGui [Core]10-28-17
Probably back in business around mi...
Posted By: Miiru
Probably back in business around mid december. Take care!
File: MiirGui [Core]10-14-17
I can't find a Donate button for yo...
Posted By: Miiru
I can't find a Donate button for you. Not that you'd expect to make a living out of WoW addons, but I guess every little bit counts. Hey. Thats so nice it made me cry a bit. I think i had some donate stuff at the site for the blue texture pack. Not sure though. It's no money problem anyways more of a theres not enough living space...
File: MiirGui [Core]09-01-17
Dear everyone, since I am pretty mu...
Posted By: Miiru
Dear everyone, since I am pretty much homeless at the moment, i will not be able to update Miirgui in the coming weeks. I am sure some nifty people here in the comment section can help you out to eliminate any game-breaking bugs untill I can continue to update miirgui. I'm sorry.
File: MiirGui [Core]08-05-17
After enabling Friendly Nameplates...
Posted By: Miiru
After enabling Friendly Nameplates i began to recieve this error, http://imgur.com/aHgMRIw . Im not sure if its caused by the friendly nameplate skin or another addon. Miirgui skins the nameplates by replacing the original visual file, which cannot be the root of such an error. As far as i remember, miirgui does also not touch the...
File: MiirGui [Core]07-12-17
Re: Icon Names?
Posted By: Miiru
http://imgur.com/a/Uv4ld Just some things that I've noticed aren't skinned. Titled followers don't have a border when in missions (I saw that in the changelog but I'm using the latest version and I still have it) and the icon for followers in the tooltip is still default. The Mythic+ affixes in the mythic dungeon tab seem to be so...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Grey]07-09-17
Re: Map Quest Buttons
Posted By: Miiru
Hey great addon... wondering what file I need to remove to bring back the old quest buttons on the map. I'd prefer to keep them red as they stand out a bit more. Thanks!! :banana: https://preview.ibb.co/hxH97v/bluebuttons.png https://preview.ibb.co/jD8ffF/bluebuttons2.png Easiest for you would be to rename or delete the worldm...
File: MiirGui [Core]06-22-17
Got this problem, with 4.0.88 all m...
Posted By: Miiru
Got this problem, with 4.0.88 all my frame going in wrong position like this: https://gyazo.com/3bd70b04317ba118cb1445e3be4c68c2 I noticed this too, but i was/am unsure if it is caused by miirgui or by blizzard themselves. Maybe you have a way to reproduce this behavious?
File: MiirGui [Core]06-14-17
getting this error once i open my p...
Posted By: Miiru
getting this error once i open my pet/toy collection http://imgur.com/a/eZe2h It should be already fixed with the current version (4.0.88)
File: MiirGui [Core]06-14-17
Re: Possible to set a set icon to all windows?
Posted By: Miiru
Like you see in the picture below (taken from a streamer that I know uses your texture pack) He got this blue "W"-icon on every window, like the spellbook, the loot window, the character window etc etc.. So is there a way to set this, or is he most likely using some other kind of addon to set this? Thanks In a very, very...
File: MiirGui [Core]05-06-17
The stack numbers in the bags get c...
Posted By: Miiru
The stack numbers in the bags get cut off slightly. I don't know if you see that as a problem but it's just a minor annoyance for me. Also when turning on the loot frame reskin option the pass button is missing. You can pass by right clicking the bar. Maybe I should write that down somewhere. The count stack being cut off was ment...
File: MiirGui [Core]05-01-17
Re: New skin
Posted By: Miiru
What is the point of reskinning an addons that reskins those frames? https://mods.curse.com/addons/wow/ls-toasts This addon does not seem to be skinning to match. Would you mind adding it when convenient? Ty!
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]04-22-17
This should be fixed with the lates...
Posted By: Miiru
This should be fixed with the latest update of miirgui core. I enforced an outline on the calender date and removed the background banner on the contribution screen, so the font is always readable.
File: MiirGui [Core]04-09-17
Items in guild bank appear as a gre...
Posted By: Miiru
Items in guild bank appear as a green square, once i disable the addon they look normal. Using Version: 4.0.76 http://imgur.com/a/2IFSe Are you missing the file Interface\\Lootframe\\quality.blp?
File: MiirGui [Core]04-02-17
Re: LargeNamePlate fontsize isn't changing
Posted By: Miiru
Hello mirru, thank you for this great addon, but I want to report two additional lua errors. The first one occurs, when i access my void storage: When does this error occur? Simply when acessing it? Is that item in your 48Slot Singed Plume of Aviana ? Does the error still occur when you remove that item from the void storage?...
File: MiirGui [Core]03-31-17
Re: Follower equipment
Posted By: Miiru
They added a third equipment slow for followers that seems to not be accounted for yet. Thanks. https://ibb.co/c2Ud8v Should be already fixed with 4.0.69