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File: Masque03-03-15
Dominos: As I mentioned, something...
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Dominos: As I mentioned, something is wonky with Dominos and it's force-hiding the background texture on some bars. Bagnon: It doesn't work without a third-party add-on and Bagnon Facade throws errors (hasn't been updated). AuraFrames: Works fine and didn't seem to be affected by the inheritance bug. Yep, i think that Dominos, B...
File: Masque03-02-15
I'm having this same issue also....
Posted By: Cassiopeija
I'm having this same issue also. It's not that Masque isn't saving your settings. Dominos is disabling the background on the MultiBars for some reason. Its not only Dominos. I have same issue with Bagnon and with AuraFrames. All changes, i made, are gone with the next login and all are original blizzard.
File: Masque02-27-15
Hi all, I have an issue with masque...
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Hi all, I have an issue with masque and bartender4 Anytime I log into the game or just reload my UI, all the button appear solid black. I have to disable/enable masque to get them working back. Anyone has faced with this issue already? Thanks No, i use Dominos and the buttons are not black, but all changes i made, are last...
File: Poisonous04-13-11
Is it possible to deactivate the po...
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Is it possible to deactivate the poison warning for thrown weapons while armed with a fishing pole?
File: MailNotifier03-16-11
Originally posted by jaliborc Ok,...
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Originally posted by jaliborc Ok, good for you. Bye! P.S: By the way, no one is telling you what to do, we are simply warning you in advance. Also, it's "I don't start downloading" and not "I doesn't start uploading". this window appears every time, i log in with any char, not only on first use. so you can call it "telling o...
File: MailNotifier03-16-11
"This is last version of MailNotifi...
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"This is last version of MailNotifier to be uploaded at WoWInterface, As such, we strongly recommanded you to start updating it from "". I doesn't start uploading anything from Nobody tells me, where i have to download my addons, so bye bye MailNotifier.
File: Panda03-15-11
Can anyone tell me, how this works....
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Can anyone tell me, how this works. I have a LDB button to open the Panda window. Thats all. There ist no discription in the file, on the homepage or here. I can disenchant items in same way like in my bags, but how can i mass-disenchant?
File: Demon's VuhDo11-23-10
Originally posted by sui2k it don...
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Originally posted by sui2k it dont seems to work .. all i get is a message from vuhdo that there is no profile like "disc 10" Same problem here, but i think, i know what the problem is. In drive:\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\Accountname\SavedVariables is a lua-file to. It contains the name of the profile und some configurat...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced06-02-10
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: AtlasLoot-v5.11.00\Locales\ unfinished string near '"?? 50~59 ??;' ---
File: ChronoBars05-18-10
SharedMedia Support
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Thats the thing, i looked for a long time. Very nice, thank you. ^^ I have small problem with style/texture. I use GrizzlySharedMedia, which have o lot of textures. The Problem ist, i couldn't see all, cause the window ist not scrollable. I fixed this by editing the lua file in SavedVariables manually. Cann you add a scroll functi...
File: VuhDo03-15-10
Is it posible to change the colors...
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Is it posible to change the colors of the config screen? Couldn't find any option.
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)12-09-09
Re: Help?
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Since Patch 3.3 : WIM-3.2.2\Modules\Negotiate.lua:84: table index is nil WIM-3.2.2\Modules\Negotiate.lua:111: in function `fun' WIM-3.2.2\WIM.lua:347: in function `CoreEventHandler' WIM-3.2.2\WIM.lua:62: in function
File: WIM (WoW Instant Messenger)10-22-09
Get the same error: 3.2.1\Module...
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Get the same error: 3.2.1\Modules\ClickControl.lua:77: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'clickStart' (a nil value) : ? Volumizer-3.2.2-1.2.0\Volumizer.lua:625: in function I installed Version 3.1.3 which works fine without any error. But now the update reminder p...
File: NugRunning09-08-09
Re: mob names
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Originally posted by Korshun To be honest i havent looked through this addon with much detail, but i have noticed that there doesnt seem to be an option that displays the mob names for each group of dots you have running. Would it be possible to add this to a future release? On a side note, awesome addon apart from the thing...
File: OzRaid04-02-09
LibHealComm-3.0 supported - see Inc...
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LibHealComm-3.0 supported - see Incoming heals! Wooo!! How can i enable it? Didn't see any incoming heals. LibHealComm-3.0 is installed.
File: CRT03-28-09
I have uploaded a new version that...
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I have uploaded a new version that fix the issues with the "new" Dropdown functions, so the GUI is accessiable once again. Just downloaded 1.09a but it doesn't work. /crt gui will produce a red errormessage in the chatwindow: Interface\FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:803: attempt to index local 'frame' (a number value)
File: SmartDebuff12-11-08
I like this Addon very much. Thank...
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I like this Addon very much. Thank you for all the work. The only Question i have is, is it possible to have a *config-mode* so i can see, position and size the frame for 10 or 25 man raids?