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File: Shieldmonitor12-07-08
Posted By: l3bowsky
would be cool but it would have to be an on / off option, but you should really consider the multi bar option ASAP !!! :D mages around the world will lick your feet .. also.. can you put some alpha transparent option for the bars? that would be awesom !!!!!!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
File: Shieldmonitor12-04-08
genius genius GENIUS !!!
Posted By: l3bowsky
I agree with affix this addon is incredible buuut... it doesn't allow for multiple shield track at the same time... the red blinking thing when shield's almost up is genius ... i am a frost mage and i usually use ice barrier + mana shield + fire / frost ward so... if you guys could make an update so it can support multiple...