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File: oUF_Nivea07-08-10
I'm giving it an oportunity, looks...
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I'm giving it an oportunity, looks nice as it's predecessor, keep up the good work
File: Roth UI (Diablo)08-05-09
Originally posted by mrruben5 See...
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Originally posted by mrruben5 See TotemFrame.lua and TotemFrame.xml. Edit: Sorry, these are wrong. http://github.com/tekkub/wow-ui-source/blob/f3b741b4bc325a938c05498b811ee36286e97275/FrameXML/ActionButton.lua Multicast thing
File: BigBrother12-03-08
It would help if you linked the wow...
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It would help if you linked the wowhead pages for those spells.
File: TidyMinimap10-05-08
TidyMinimap + Barrel
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I'm having a little issue with Barrel and TidyMinimap, it seems that TM captures the buttons created by barrel but it doesn't reposition them correctly until you open a profession panel (like enchanting) Also, how i can make TM place minimap icons in several rows?
File: AzCastBar08-22-08
Originally posted by Aezay Acacia...
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Originally posted by Aezay Acacia_ Hmm, not sure I understand entirely what you mean with the config being broken in the beta. In what way is it broken, can you elaborate on it. As of 22 Aug the config seems to work in the wotlk beta, though it seems to not obey the master font setting.
File: Ampere08-16-08
So... if acp is better why are you...
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So... if acp is better why are you losing your time on this addon?
File: Know-It-All07-04-08
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Why do you feel the need of stating that you are using Ace3 to make your addon?
File: Debuff Filter and Cooldowns09-17-07
Great addon, congratulations on you...
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Great addon, congratulations on your work. But I miss a feature: per character filtering. I want to see "melee type" debuffs on my hunter but not on my elemental shaman where i'd like to filter stromstrike and shock debuffs. I bypassed that "limitation" by altering the toc file but i have to reconfigure DF on each character
File: BigTrouble12-05-06
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I'd like to see bt reusing oCB, would it be possible?