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File: Duffed UI v512-05-11
Currently experiencing a bug/issue...
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Currently experiencing a bug/issue where when I log on my Paladin, I have the DuffedUI Holy Power bar but the default Blizzard one is also there stuck in the exact middle of my screen and I am unable to move it. I've looked through the the UI menu on Duffed for an option to get rid of this. I've tried installing MoveAnything an...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-05-08
Assistance Required
Posted By: Contrition87
Hi, I'm sure this has been asked once already and answered but I looked through the comments and couldn't find it. Very sorry. However, I was just wondering, is there a command or anyway I can move the unit frames around. More specifically, the target frame, party frame, & raid frame?