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File: Swindler Preventer11-12-10
too many results! lol
Posted By: euda
Fantastic addon, works perfectly so far. I used to have something like this a long time ago but couldn't remember the name of it. Fortunately the name of this addon is perfect and I knew it was what I was after right away. The one request I have is perhaps add some option to condense results like like this (42 vendors! :p). Per...
File: Broker_Garbage05-05-10
Originally posted by ckaotik Well...
Posted By: euda
Originally posted by ckaotik Well, that's what it is supposed to do :/ Otherwise the 'auto sell to vendor' (it's a blacklist) list wouldn't make any sense, would it? Do you gave your items on there? ... Sorry for delay in reply. I finally got another example of what confused me into picture form here. This character has many...
File: Broker_Garbage04-28-10
Excellent addon! I've been looking...
Posted By: euda
Excellent addon! I've been looking for a solid addon to replace GarbageFu since I went from Fubar to Broker mods. This one does everything I wanted! I do wonder if the sell button on the vendor window is supposed to only sell grey junk? The one time I've gotten to use it, it seemed to only sell grey items despite MY junk list h...
File: TipTop08-11-09
I personally had no issue with this...
Posted By: euda
I personally had no issue with this mod on 3.2 patch, but border colors don't seem to behave as I'd expect since I installed this. Border color was defined to be black, but all item tooltips (moueover and links) have a solid white border. Is this intended or something interfering?
File: ArtPad06-05-09
This is great - keep it up. Nice...
Posted By: euda
This is great - keep it up. Nice clean source code too :)
File: PitBull 3.005-19-09
Originally posted by Taerot Yes,...
Posted By: euda
Originally posted by Taerot Yes, I have. Several times now. I'm hoping one of the bright minds around here will have an answer for us. Or maybe even a fix! I'm not sure how easy this is to fix as this happens with HealBot too (and I'm sure others). All the secure junky junk they've done to lock down addons from doing too much in...
File: Gnomish Yellow Pages05-15-09
Posted By: euda
This is great! I do wish for some kind of filter(s), be it a white/blacklisted set of channels or people in guild and/or friends only.. somethin like that.
File: Volumizer05-10-09
Love this! I change different volu...
Posted By: euda
Love this! I change different volumes for different occasions on a regular basis and this little puppy saves me a lot of time & effort.
File: Gnomish Yellow Pages05-10-09
This mod is awesome!!
Posted By: euda
This mod is awesome!!
File: CooldownWatch02-01-09
great mod
Posted By: euda
This.. mod.. rules! Currently using it on a PvE disc priest and I couldn't function the same without it!