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File: HandyNotes_Mailboxes (tempfix)06-09-13
This addon is still working as of WoW 5.3.0
Posted By: Ehala
Thank you very much for posting this fix to HandyNotes_Mailboxes! Since this addons is still working as of WoW 5.3.0, we at least have the option if we want the mailboxes marked. The official project is abandoned because the author considered it obsolete since they are easy to find since they are mostly everywhere and the notes c...
File: Advanced TradeSkill Window Levels (plugin)12-06-08
I have the newest version of ATSW i...
Posted By: Ehala
I have the newest version of ATSW installed (0.72 from Curse) and this plugin doesn't work. It looks like this plugin was made for ATSW version 0.71 and there must be some problem with the newest version. Please update this to work with the newest version of ATSW! :) It's an awesome addon. Thanks! Ehala
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window12-06-08
@A_Nolan The newest version of ATS...
Posted By: Ehala
@A_Nolan The newest version of ATSW is 0.72 available at Curse. Make sure you uninstall whatever version you have right now, then do a clean install with the updated version. That should fix any problems you are having, unless ATSW is having a problem with another addon you are running. If the new install doesn't work, try disabling...