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File: Bartender402-12-11
now that you guys mention it, it ha...
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now that you guys mention it, it happens to me too, but only on my druid, it must have to be stances....anyone good with coding that can throw a quick fix for now? or are we waiting on an update
File: Bartender402-08-11
micro menu bar
Posted By: gravitykills
im having a post patch problem....the micro menu bar is completely invisible/noninteractive i know the bar is still in the same spot, i can hit unlock and see the green move box....tried resetting position to see if it bugged position, but still nothing, other than that, no other problems
File: GathererDB WoWHead12-07-08
Everfrost Chip Issue
Posted By: gravitykills
i just downloaded the updated gatherer addon and the DB, imported the DB, and sadly no treasure nodes are showing up in northrend, even though it is a checked off option for both treasures and everfrost chips, i can clearly see mining and herbalism, but no treasure. i hope this issue is being worked out, im anxious to use this powerf...