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File: Gatherer10-15-10
Non-Stop error messages when import od DB locks
Posted By: QuestorWI
My computer died and I had replace my hard drive, reinstall WoW and all my addons. I installed Gatherer and the DB first since guildies were saying they were having problems with the HUD and node not showing up on either of the maps. Since this is a total clean install of the game and addon when my hard drive died I do not have a bac...
File: nUI : InfoPanel [GuildChat]12-13-09
I can't add screen shot
Posted By: QuestorWI
nUI Guild chat addon is listed as out of date but I loaded it using the out of date check box on the addon list and I think that it might be a problem with the addon for carbonite not sure thou. If you tell me how to add a screen shot I'll do it but the screen shots are on my computer.
File: nUI : InfoPanel [GuildChat]12-10-09
Need a 3.3 update
Posted By: QuestorWI
I like this addon but with 3.3 other channels such a combat and the omen/recount plugins all over lap each other I have chat from all showing up in the guild chat window.:(