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File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-21-09
Setting MT and MA
Posted By: Walls
Thank you for a fantastic mod - I was using xperl and SUF blows it away. For some reason I am unable to set MT and MA while the mod is loaded . When I open the Blizzard Raid frames and right click on the player, the options do not exist for MT or MA. If I disable SUF then the options are available. If I pass lead to anot...
File: Ghost: Pulse12-10-08
Thank you very much for the hard wo...
Posted By: Walls
Thank you very much for the hard work on this. I used it to great benefit while I was tanking. Now I am DPS and trying to set up new Procs. Along the same line as Sword&Board, I am trying to get Sudden Death, and Taste for Blood to pulse when they proc. I have set up the frame, check off Player Buff, and entered the name in th...