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File: Upgrade List08-04-11
I actually get en error if I press...
Posted By: dirtag
I actually get en error if I press the show/hide minmiap button. I'm using the wMmap minimap addon tho, here's the error: 1x LibDBIcon-1.0-23 (UpgradeList):261: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value) UpgradeList-1.6\Core.lua:677: in function (tail call): ?: : ? :"safecall Disp...
File: Outfitter07-28-11
After doing the following I have no...
Posted By: dirtag
After doing the following I have no problems: Putting the "Nude"outfit into the EM and nothing else. No issues... But another quick question: Is it possible to put a rebuild outfit into a macro ? kinda like : /run Outfitter.RebuildOutfit("name of Outfit)";
File: Outfitter07-23-11
Re: Re: Re: Strange issue with dualspeccing and item set names
Posted By: dirtag
I think I managed to trigger it again.. If I have 2 full outfits enabled and the put them to the EM, and REMOVE them again, weird things start to happen. I'm going to try some other iterations and see if there is something else weird going on...
File: Outfitter07-19-11
Re: Re: Strange issue with dualspeccing and item set names
Posted By: dirtag
No none of them was in the EM, but just to test I added one of them to EM and now things seems to work as intended again...really weird.... Originally posted by mundocani I'll work on repro'ing it, but I'll have to dust off my warrior and re-spec her so it'll probably be a few days before I get to it. In the meantime, are you...
File: Outfitter07-19-11
Strange issue with dualspeccing and item set names
Posted By: dirtag
First, I love outfitter I have been using it for years and just..love it to bits and pieces!! :D Now that I'm done with the brownosing over to my problem :) I use Outfitter with ArkInv,Pawn and SetTheory. I'm allways fiddling with pawn scales and most of my bag is filled up with gear for my different Outfitter sets. But lat...
File: Pawn12-02-10
some thanks !!
Posted By: dirtag
Thanks for still working on this, I used it a few years back and enjoyed this addon then, now it's even better :D
File: DressToKill12-27-08
some info + a question
Posted By: dirtag
Here's some local's I've used: local spellpower=GetSpellBonusDamage(6) local intellect=UnitStat("player",4) local stamina=UnitStat("player",3) local spirit=UnitStat("player",5) local critrating=GetSpellCritChance(6) local hasterating=GetCombatRating(20) local hitrating=GetCombatRating(8) local mp5=GetManaRegen()*5 and tw...
File: DressToKill12-11-08
Re: Error Message
Posted By: dirtag
If you get the errors below, then replace all instances of "InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToFrame" with "InterfaceOptionsFrame_OpenToCategory" in DressToKill.lua (should only be 2) It now works for me. Originally posted by Kimster It happens when trying to check/equip weapons and then cant get past that Error: bad argument #1...