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File: Clique12-04-17
Posted By: Cluey
Hey, I was wondering whether there are considerations of adding some type of mix between hovercast and global bindings, so when I mouseover a unit frame or a unit in the 3D world, it will cast the ability on them; and when there is no moseover target it will cast the ability on myself. Tried to play a bit with the options but it s...
File: Family Familiar Helper08-08-17
Great addon.
Posted By: Cluey
Thanks for this Gello, you've saved a few of us lots of time digging through the OCD interface looking for the right one.
File: IceHUD07-01-17
@Parnic recently I've been playing...
Posted By: Cluey
@Parnic recently I've been playing my DK alt a bit, quite unusual for me but they added three pets which require a lot of time investment. Usually I find IceHUD covers all of my character resource tracking in a great way but with the DK I'm finding it a bit lacking. The runes is the main thing, sometimes I get count down numbers on...
File: rCompassCastbar06-19-17
+1 for an option to show the GCD....
Posted By: Cluey
+1 for an option to show the GCD. Playing a resto druid you're casting lots of instant spells and it doesn't show up for them. Personally I'm not fussed about having the spell icon, I've already started casting it so I know what I've cast! Or I should.
File: TomTom04-15-17
WQ still not working.
Posted By: Cluey
The change log indicates that you fixed the WQ POI integration but it isn't working for me. I reverted to the fix provided in the comments.
File: Clique04-07-17
Mouseover macros would work just fi...
Posted By: Cluey
Mouseover macros would work just fine, even if configured with Clique. I actually spoke with some of the dev team last time I was in CA and they mentioned that it would be useful to get something like this available, but its tough to do that in a way that actually makes sense and is reasonable to configure and use. For now, I thin...
File: Broker_WorldQuests03-30-17
wenn ich auf eine quest klicke offn...
Posted By: Cluey
wenn ich auf eine quest klicke offnet sich die karte nicht und die quest wird auch nicht im questlog angezeigt cu cardo_ Google Translate: When I click on a quest, the card does not open and the quest is not displayed in the questlog Cu cardo_ ~ Cairenn Read the change log, that is covered.
File: TomTom03-28-17
Not sure what's going on with paste...
Posted By: Cluey
Not sure what's going on with pastebin thingies.. can anyone catch me up? I'm far from a coder, more of a hacker who can follow directions. I can't see a way of linking to specific forum posts here so I'll supply a quote of LaoTseu's comment explaining what didn't work and why so you don't have to go back through. TomTom 7.1.0-1...
File: IceHUD03-28-17
Re: Re: Re: 7.2 PTR.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Parnic, I was testing different mods on the PTR and can't get the IceHUD configuration to load. I was trying to bring it up because the default cast bar was showing and doesn't on live. I copied settings/config over from my live character. Thanks for taking over on this, I'd be a bit lost without it. I haven't gotten aroun...
File: IceHUD03-23-17
7.2 PTR.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Parnic, I was testing different mods on the PTR and can't get the IceHUD configuration to load. I was trying to bring it up because the default cast bar was showing and doesn't on live. I copied settings/config over from my live character. Thanks for taking over on this, I'd be a bit lost without it.
File: TomTom03-14-17
Re: Re: World Quest Objective POIs
Posted By: Cluey
OK the patebin hack is fine and dandy...But dude????:eek::eek::eek:WTF do I do with it?:confused::confused::confused: Would you mind at all to explain to the general group of people that are not rocket scientists how to incorporate this hack to the lua. file? Please do not naturally assume that everyone is a game programmer or develo...
File: NinjaPanel03-14-17
It works out of the box, but you ca...
Posted By: Cluey
It works out of the box, but you can go to TomTom -> Crazy Arrow and enable the Crazy Arrow feed. The arrow and the text beyond the arrow will appear in NinjaPanel after reloading your UI. Hi again. I'm not having much luck with this. It works after the initial set up but when I log back in and set a new way point the LDB doesn't...
File: Broker Instance Difficulty03-03-17
Not what I was expecting.
Posted By: Cluey
I guess my reading comprehension starts to suck when I haven't slept enough. I was expecting this to tell me what it was set to before I zoned in, to avoid having to tight-click to see, but it only tells me when I'm in. At which point I can tell by the icon on the mini-map, sure they're cryptic but after doing enough you know what...
File: AutoLootSpecSwap03-03-17
Sounds good.
Posted By: Cluey
Sounds like just what I want so I'll give it a go.
File: Clique02-15-17
Hi Salad, I mean Cladhaire, Is t...
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Salad, I mean Cladhaire, Is there a way of being able to click on the health bars of mobs to cast? I was thinking of having Vampiric Touch on the left mouse button in combat, so when in combat I can click on adds health bars and it would just cast at them. With the Misery talent this would also cast SW:P on them. It's a bit hy...
File: NinjaPanel02-15-17
Is this possible?
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Cladhaire, I've just switched to this from Fortress while trying to track down what might be causing a random LUA error I get sometimes. It isn't always the same addon which gets the blame so I'm grasping at straws a bit. However Fortress hasn't been updated in a long time so I thought it might be a good starting point. I noti...
File: EventHorizon Continued01-11-17
Re: Addon broken in 7.1.5
Posted By: Cluey
Sorry for so general info but in 7.1.5 addon is not loading ,throws a lot of Lua errors. table/event square not seen at all on screen. playing shadow priest Yes this is because they removed Mind Sear. As a temporary work around change line 182 to: channel = {15407, 3}, Also delete the following spell info, lines 188-199. If yo...
File: Clique10-29-16
I don't know how to reproduce it. T...
Posted By: Cluey
I don't know how to reproduce it. That means I can't fix it unfortunately. Also a C stack overflow is ultimately an issue on Blizzard's end, so all I would be able to do is mitigate it. If you can provide reproduceable conditions, I may be able to help. It also might have been fixed by the fact that I explicitly prevent Clique fro...
File: Clique10-27-16
Cladhaire thanks for making this aw...
Posted By: Cluey
Cladhaire thanks for making this awesome addon and supporting it for so many years. I read the change log but didn't see anything about the 173 - C stack overflow error mentioned. I've had this disabled recently as it would pop up at the most inconvenient time, Murphy's Law I guess. I haven't been healing so it hasn't mattered a...
File: TradeSkill Bookmarks10-25-16
Re: Re: Alchemy bug.
Posted By: Cluey
They've chosen the question mark icon for , if I bookmark it I can't select it via the shortcut and if I manually select it I can't remove the bookmark. My alchemist has the first rank of the recipe and it's bookmarking okay. Does yours happen to be 2nd or 3rd rank? I'll take a closer look this weekend. I've got Rank 3. I hadn't...
File: TradeSkill Bookmarks10-19-16
Alchemy bug.
Posted By: Cluey
Hi Gello, Thanks for making so many amazing mods, you truly are a wizard. I noticed this addon only a week ago when I looked at what else you'd made after noticing you made the FamilyFamiliar one. I thought I'd try it and it's quite handy, however a choice of icon by Blizzard seems to have cause a bug. They've chosen the ques...
File: Broker_WorldQuests09-16-16
An option to sort by time remaining...
Posted By: Cluey
An option to sort by time remaining and faction would be nice. It would be nice to be able to click "Faction" and then "Time Remaining" and have it sort like it would in Windows Explorer if you did "file type" then "date". You'd get huge bonus points if you could have a suggested order with flight points to take for least travel...
File: EventHorizon Continued09-10-16
Re: Affliction Artifact buff tracking
Posted By: Cluey
Sorry if this is already answered but I couldn't seem to find it if so. Is there a way to track Tormented Souls stacks (216695) on the icon for a bar while also tracking the Deadwind Harvester buff (216708) on the same bar? Oddly, I can only seem to get the stacks to track on the icon if I include another buff ID with Tormented So...
File: EventHorizon Continued07-20-16
Re: Getting a couple of errors one I fixed.
Posted By: Cluey
Get this error when I log in, also was getting the addon was out of date in addons menu till I changed the toc file from interface: 70300 to 70000. Thank you for keeping this addon going. *snip* Don't change the .toc file just to make it load, there's a checkbox to load out of date ones, use that. If you delete (move/bac...
File: Mission Unpossible01-14-15
I like it.
Posted By: Cluey
I've had a look at a few of these fancy Garrison addons but found the amount of information on one screen was a little daunting. Does this mean I've got old or that they're providing too much information or providing it in the wrong way? I don't know the answers to those questions but I found this one which is great. I was sold as s...