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File: Bartender412-17-10
Pop out buttons
Posted By: tenphes
Hi, I use the two bars custom setup to have 4 bars along the bottom of the screen and 2 on the right hand side. My question is the pop up buttons such as mage portals and shaman totems extend up over on the bars on the right hand side instead of opening out to the left, is there anything i do to correct this Thanks in advan...
File: Recipe Book10-06-10
Posted By: tenphes
Hi, Thanks for this addon, as an altoholic i find it very useful. Do you have any plans to add Glyph's to this now they stay with a character once learned. It would be a great way for my inscription alt to keep an eye on who has what. Cheers
File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar12-31-09
Posted By: tenphes
Does quartz have a test mode so you can see the effect of the changes you make without have to attack a mob?