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File: AzCastBar Plugins01-11-09
Posted By: icelui
Though I liked your new acb plug-ins, that "color" blah~ blah~ script error made me being away from them for some weeks. At last I heard there comes the new version and I've found no more such error after about an hour's test. Say thank you for your efforts. P.S. - Btw, some buffbar addons have the function indicating what weapon...
File: ItemRack12-12-08
Rollback problem
Posted By: icelui
I've read some comments and there are the same situations with me. And I think I know one of the keys to solve this, or I hope so. My problem is this: 1) I use 'Rogue Steahth' event with a Dagger and it works fine 2) I also use a customized event named 'Buff: Shadowdance', with the same Dagger in the 'Rouge Stealth' event and...