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File: Quartz - Modular Casting Bar08-01-09
I recently had to wipe out my WTF f...
Posted By: Nymie
I recently had to wipe out my WTF folder and am now having to reconfigure absolutely everything, including Quartz. For the life of me, I cannot seem to only display MY debuffs (priest) on the enemy target... in a raid there are 50+ debuffs running down my screen. Where do I turn the debuff display off (not totally but so I only see m...
File: CoolLine07-26-09
Ya it just occured to me that VT's...
Posted By: Nymie
Ya it just occured to me that VT's no CD makes it the reason it doesn't show. I was in the mind-set that it functioned as FaceMelter, argh. Will customization be available down the road? (or possibly a DoT timer function?) Still, awesome job on it. Thanks!
File: CoolLine07-26-09
Shadow pirest issue
Posted By: Nymie
I LOVE this add-on but am having a problem with one spell: Vampiric Touch- the highest dps Dot we as SPs have. Have others noticed this and is there a way for me to correct the issue? It tracks SW:P, MB, DP, etc. Just no VT. Thanks for any response.
File: SLDataText07-20-09
Adore the addon, just wanted to beg...
Posted By: Nymie
Adore the addon, just wanted to beg that the Statline is kept updated, especially come 3.2 time. I know it was shelved for a time, hope to see it all kept current. Thanks for your work!
File: zChat03-23-09
hw do you toggle the settings pane?...
Posted By: Nymie
hw do you toggle the settings pane? /zchat and zchat config aren't working for me,
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-17-09
I've used xperl for a long time and...
Posted By: Nymie
I've used xperl for a long time and love it. Today I was looking at other people's UI's on this site and saw that someone had xperl and was able to make the health bars class-color specific. I then looked through xperl for over an hour and couldn't find the option to change bar colors. How is this done? Is it an additional addon? Or...
File: Auctioneer12-12-08
Posted By: Nymie
Does the suite include the functions of Enchantrix? A previous low level enchanter of mine had Enchantrix and I loved it, and my now lvl 296 enchanter would benefit greatly from it. My concern is knowing what the item most likely will DE in to.