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File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)11-23-09
thx taigen i never saw the enabl...
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thx taigen i never saw the enable option, new in this version and i did not notice i had to enable each button, everything works perfect now thx for the help i spend hours trying to figure it out :)
File: TellMeWhen (Fan Update)11-20-09
i love the new additions to the ori...
Posted By: downset
i love the new additions to the original tmw and am very glad someone took over this great add-on however i just installed 1.2.0 on a clean wow install (also installed bagnon, dominos, titan panal and shadowed unit frames) and i can configure tmw, i see all the frames, tmw recognizes the buffs i add but it doesn't work (it never s...
File: Sage UnitFrames09-09-09
Posted By: downset
Hello, would it be possible to add an option to show only buffs, only debuffs, both or neither on each frame. and possibly an option to show those above or under the frame. not sure if this would go beyond the scope of a minimalist UF? This would make watching the buffs i need to watch a lot easier (basically in our 10-man r...
File: Debuff Filter and Cooldowns12-12-08
unique in its kind
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i have been searching to find something that could show just my debuffs (warrior: dem shout, thunderClap and sunder) on my target, so i have an easy way to check if i need to refresh them this is the only easy add on to set this up, you can make a list of what debuffs to show, and it wont show anything else ElkBuffBars and Satr...