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File: eXtreme Unit Buttons02-06-07
Re: Grats!!
Posted By: Leridyn
Elenesski, There is no better reason for putting this mod on hold than to hear that you've gotten a great business opportunity! Much luck and success in that, and please know we here wish you nothing but great things! When you come back, we'll be here waiting for your next stroke of brilliance~ ! I think this mod has the pote...
File: eXtreme Unit Buttons01-26-07
Re: Party Pets and Multiple Debuff Support
Posted By: Leridyn
Originally posted by Elenesski Update: Mod should now work with party pets. Debuff options changed so that for characters such as Pallidans, you can specify multiple debuff options on a cleanse spell ... "Poison/Disease/Magic". Previously, you had to create a separate button for each of the three types of debuffs. First...