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File: Dimmed Actions02-08-11
Great stuff, would love too see it...
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Great stuff, would love too see it work with rActionBarStyler ! :)
File: oUF Phanx01-29-11
Re: :(
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Originally posted by DoctorDyna The spell name isn't showing on the player frame's cast bar, but it shows on the target frame cast bar. quick solution is too edit this part in core.lua if unit == "player" then self.Castbar.SafeZone = self.Castbar:CreateTexture( nil, "BORDER" ) self.Castbar.SafeZone:SetTexture( c...
File: CoolLine01-11-11
hide ouf of combat.
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Hey, i've been trying too hide coolline when not in combat. I usually use an addon called "kong" too fade certain elements depending on state. but this addons still shows whenever something is on cd. any hints on how too achieve this would be much appreciated. Thanks for the great work. -_-v
File: oUF_Slim11-21-10
Originally posted by Ke11ett Warl...
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Originally posted by Ke11ett Warlock. As you can see in the tooltip I have 1K/36k health but the player, target & ToT unit frames still looks like I'm on full health. http://i.imgur.com/wVwaV.jpg Make sure you don't have ouf_smooth plugin enabled (if you used it with other ouf layout(s) before). since dawn has it embedded. t...
File: DocsNameplates11-01-10
custom color
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Getting this when trying too set a custom color.. Interface\AddOns\DocsUI_Nameplates\update.lua:934: attempt to index field 'hpCustomColor' (a nil value) Any hints on how too solve it? :)= thanks
File: Tidy Plates10-31-10
Hey, might be slightly offtopic but...
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Hey, might be slightly offtopic but i'll try. been trying too add a backdrop too the grey theme. because i dont like the transparancy when health is lost. But there's so many places too look. ive tried in the core and the statusbar.lua too add one.. but i end up getting my backdrop or statusbartexture on top of the actual healt...
File: Neav UI09-15-10
Hello, dumb question: The raid l...
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Hello, dumb question: The raid layout screenshot of this UI compilation...what mod(s) is it? Thank you in advance! It's part of his oUF layout.
File: FreeUI09-14-10
Originally posted by Haleth Stran...
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Originally posted by Haleth Strange. Is this since the latest version? Btw, I've fixed the totem bar now, but unless someone can help me adding fancy borders (I spent AGES trying to figure out how to hide the default colored blizz ones, then how to get my own border to appear on top, etc...) then it won't happen, sorry. my t...
File: FreeUI09-09-10
i've used atotembar and stotemtimer...
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i've used atotembar and stotemtimers for quite a while now. I use atotembar just for setting up totems before encounters. it's hidden and show's on mouseover. and stotemtimers for displaying my active ones. thats the most common prob i think with a lot of totembar addons that has the totem manager feature or whatever you call...
File: Neav UI08-08-10
Originally posted by Game92 yepp,...
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Originally posted by Game92 yepp, but i dont know how to :( why don't you use neals raidframes and just add the border. they have names set too max 4 letters... or use the tag he uses in your layout. here's a way i used in one of my layouts too shorten names without tags..(i use it in my healthupdate) local tmpunitname...
File: oUF_Gdx07-23-10
Originally posted by sacredtbag Y...
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Originally posted by sacredtbag Your download link is broken right now. only because it was an pending update probably :)
File: DerpyUI (alpha)06-16-10
inspiring stuff! \o>
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inspiring stuff! \o>
File: dNamePlates06-06-10
Originally posted by Dawn I'll re...
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Originally posted by Dawn I'll rewrite the health value code, that might fix the issue. I'm still curious why I'm not getting said error, though. :eek: Did you try only the nameplates? i remember a while back that i fiddled with some addons and they worked fine, but realized later that it only worked when having my ouf layout a...
File: Neav UI06-03-10
Originally posted by Neal The MS...
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Originally posted by Neal The MS code? Oo btw. does anybody know the font on the screen? http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/9213/screenshot050110230307.jpg (the font wich is marked red) I need exactly THIS font! :( looks like this one to me http://www.dafont.com/aldo.font
File: oUF_Led205-28-10
Solid stuff man! One small thing...
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Solid stuff man! One small thing i noticed on the screenies with my ninja eye! focus/focustarget name should be 1 pixel'ish up so it looks like the text on target frame. :P
File: Neav UI05-15-10
Originally posted by Falarin Is i...
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Originally posted by Falarin Is it possible to change the Raid Frames Groups to Horizontal instead of Vertical? I tried messing with the settings a bit at the bottom of the raid Lua but I only managed to mush the frames together =/ try 'columnAnchorPoint', 'LEFT',
File: iThreat04-22-10
clean and simple, love it. Got o...
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clean and simple, love it. Got one question, is it possible too make the bar have a smooth fill like ouf's smoothing of bars? thanks
File: aTotemBar04-12-10
Originally posted by Arimis Defau...
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Originally posted by Arimis Default position and no timers sounds like you're getting an error (that you may not be seeing) and it's going to the games default. I'll try to reproduce. yeh im aware, was just thinking if someone tried to reposition it and being too hasty with the /reloadui before locking it again.. :)
File: aTotemBar04-11-10
Originally posted by Ardhkor With...
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Originally posted by Ardhkor With the new version 1.0a, the arrows works perfectly and all functionalities works. But the bar position reset after all /reload, deconnection and exit. when this happens are you doing /atbarlock after you got the bars where you wanted? for me it resets sometimes if i don't use that command aga...
File: oUF_Hank03-26-10
love the work you've done on this :>
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love the work you've done on this :>
File: Skada Damage Meter03-17-10
hey, im wondering if there is anywa...
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hey, im wondering if there is anyway to filter hots when checking healing? the 4 piece shaman bonus is a hot called "chain heal" (having the same name as the main spell is prob. the reason of this) and since i got 4 piece skada only show the hot's heals when checking healing spells :) anyway to separate them? thanks in advance!
File: !dbm02-11-10
Originally posted by Ocu Patch...
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Originally posted by Ocu Patch up now, so give the new version a whirl and see if that modifies the look properly. :) tried it, no change here :) it's the feature not to be having too update files everytime dbm updates im after :) does it work for you? /nin,twin2,tewl
File: !dbm02-10-10
Originally posted by st0nedpenguin...
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Originally posted by st0nedpenguin You mean I don't need to keep manually applying my edits every time DBM updates? Awesome! you most likely need to remove the files from the dbm-core.. just trying it quickly it does not override my current settings. so i assume you would need delete the 2 xml files every time you update dbm.
File: Stuffing01-18-10
hey, love the work on this.. i've g...
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hey, love the work on this.. i've got a easy question... when i change stackfont.. the font on how much items cost on the auctionhouse changes too the same font.. can someone try it and confirm if it's stuffing or if it's any of my addons acting up :P thanks! <3
File: Neav UI10-27-09
Originally posted by harlekinah N...
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Originally posted by harlekinah Not very helpful The line you post is a comment from top of the !Beautycase.lua. I've already read the comments but don't know where to insert this line. This line is nowhere else in the code so there is nothing to edit. On top of that RGB Values are, as far as i know, 3 digits long. For exampl...