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File: OhNoesQueues03-27-10
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This is a bit hard to described so I hope this is clear Im calling the button on the top right the weekend button I have a level 60 character (so WSG,AB and AV only are available - that works in that order left to middle) So I log on its an AV weekend the AV weekend button is correct but when I click it the AB button gets hi...
File: Geist01-22-10
Make Geist appear on top
Posted By: rjwilson01
I use grid for healing and then I pop Geist up to do other stuff can you add (as a fetaure/option) How can I set it so Geist always appears ON TOP of everything? TIA
File: Intel12-14-08
Re: Wintergrasp
Posted By: rjwilson01
With all the PVP quests I'd suggest some sort of filtering at least (or is that a ZoneDefense problem ) Eg Venture bay is a bit of a pain with the number of messages - not sure but the most likely useful info would be a list of how many of each faction at each level (if i'm going to wish - i'll wish for the world) Wintergrasp -...