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File: XPBarNone10-28-10
font tweak
Posted By: ImpalerCore
For those that need to tweak the fonts in the UI, I made a small change to the Core.lua file to set the bar font to what my UI uses. You can hardcode your font to force XPBarNone to better fit the font theme. -- Set the font for the bar text function XPBarNone:SetFontOptions() local font, size, flags = GameFontNormal:GetFont()...
File: Bartender410-23-10
font changes
Posted By: ImpalerCore
I figured out where to place the new font changes. Now my fonts in the buttons fit in better with the rest of my UI fonts. Bartender4\libs\LibActionButton-1.0\LibActionButton-1.0.lua function lib:CreateButton(id, name, header, config) ... -- Store all sub frames on the button object for easier access button.icon...
File: Bartender410-18-10
font changes
Posted By: ImpalerCore
I recently downloaded the latest bartender, and I'm wondering what the right place to change the fonts of the macro text, hotkey, and count. I used to place this in the ActionButton.lua file. function Bartender4.Button:Create(id, parent) ... -- Set the Bartender button fonts button.macroName:SetFont( "Fon...
File: OPie01-19-10
new to OPie, have a couple questions
Posted By: ImpalerCore
I created a simple ring for showing some of my buff food, but I did it manually. Is there a way to create a ring that will scan my inventory for buff food and display any buff food it finds as a ring? If that is possible, I would love to be able to use the same concept to scan main-hand and off-hand weapons/shield to create rings...
File: ZMobDB Advanced610-06-09
Clique Interaction
Posted By: ImpalerCore
I'm having as issue where I can't interact with ZMob with clique. I'm using clique-r125-release and ZMobDB Advanced6.4beta18. Clique has the ZMob frames registered as ZMob_Player_frame, but when I try to use the kgpanels frame finder over the zmob frame, only ZMob_Camera0 and ZMob_Camera0_Avatar are found. This means that clique i...
File: SLDataText09-13-09
Tracking Button
Posted By: ImpalerCore
I've been trying to figure out a quirk with the Tracking panel. It appears that I can only change the value once and then it becomes unclickable. It appears to happen when I reload the UI and the tooltip is disabled. To get it to work, do I need to always enable the tooltip?
File: Nameplates Modifier12-14-08
cast bar alignment
Posted By: ImpalerCore
I'm having an issue where the cast bar doesn't line up vertically beneath the health bar when I choose to hide the cast bar border. If the border remains, it seems fine. If I select hide cast bar, and then unselect it, the border will remain hidden, and the alignment will be fixed. I would love for the cast bar alignment issue...