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File: Chinchilla Minimap12-31-14
Hello, for one of my characters...
Posted By: Oettinger
Hello, for one of my characters the tracking option for fishing is missing. Tracking for minerals, quests... works. On other characters the option is there and working. Any idea why? Don't know if this has something to do with my problem - but this is the character i boosted from level 6 to 90. Regards
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)12-16-13
Hello, love your ui and the cons...
Posted By: Oettinger
Hello, love your ui and the constant updates. But i have a (simple?) question: What is the best way to update my installed and configured ui with a new downloaded package from this site? Regards
File: OrkoUI10-10-10
Hm i updated all addons with MMOUI...
Posted By: Oettinger
Hm i updated all addons with MMOUI Minion and now all my windows in WoW are transparent. Where/in which addon can i change this back to black? Or can i change the fonts in every single window? Transparent is not so bad, but its hart to read something in e.g. light blue. Regards
File: PitBull 3.008-15-10
Hello, i found where i can set t...
Posted By: Oettinger
Hello, i found where i can set the values in my health bar from percental to percental and absolute. But this setting only affects my health, not from my target (still percental). Where or how can i change this? I want the absolute and percentel values of my target. I am using the OrkoUI if this matters. Regards