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File: OmniCC07-30-14
Posted By: feraldrood
due to my taste in pixel fonts, I'm wondering how to edit the lua so that the cooldown text is not just outlined, but monochromed so its crisp at different sizes. any input would be helpful, thanks
File: Birg's Warlock UI07-20-14
raw string data
Posted By: feraldrood Am receiving the above error when trying to upload the weak auras string you have written. Not sure how to troubleshoot that. any advice would be appreciated. I love the effects.
File: rNamePlates 205-18-14
changing fonts
Posted By: feraldrood
Hey Zork, Ive been digging the fps fix on these frames but I would like to change the fonts used. unfortunately I haven't had any success with that, would appreciate a pointer or two also, how do I make the creature name only displayed on my target? is that even an option? and lastly, I've been having trouble trying to adjus...
File: FreeUI11-28-12
thanks for the hard work bringing f...
Posted By: feraldrood
thanks for the hard work bringing freeui up to patch speed :D HAH!!! I fixed it :D simply needed to re run the install client in case anyone is having the same problem adjusting chat font size
File: FreeUI11-28-12
the best possible combination of...
Posted By: feraldrood
the best possible combination of and just played in my mind when I read that
File: FreeUI11-27-12
seems like the new patch blew up f...
Posted By: feraldrood
seems like the new patch blew up free ui, could I just have a "yes I'm working on it" and perhaps a "now leave me alone" lol literally dont even want to play without this beautiful ui
File: Aurora: Missing Textures11-22-12
hey I'm wondering how to change the...
Posted By: feraldrood
hey I'm wondering how to change the color of the blue highlight on buttons in the login screen, to say... green or somesuch color. any hints ?
File: CleanHotKey11-17-12
Addon still works with 5.0.4...
Posted By: feraldrood
Addon still works with 5.0.4 thanks for the code :banana:
File: FreeUI08-31-12
wondering how to change the castbar height
Posted By: feraldrood
feraldrood; Are you using the one (castbar) that's inside the health bars or the separate one? I'm using the non unitframe one, in the middle of the screen. The change I'm looking for however is one that would affect both layouts (healer and tank/dps)
File: FreeUI08-30-12
Hey Haleth, just wondering ho...
Posted By: feraldrood
Hey Haleth, just wondering how to scale the height of the castbar, Im not sure whether to mess with unitframes.lua or castbar.lua element in ouf. thanks
File: FreeUI05-08-12
70-80% opacity for the background of frames
Posted By: feraldrood
I love the way most of freeui has slightly translucent backgrounds and textures. I'm wondering how to modify the lua. so that the health bars and nameplates have that same 70-80% opacity in other frames like the character frame, while keeping a clean pixel border. any help?
File: FreeUI11-24-11
Hello Haleth- I'm wondering...
Posted By: feraldrood
Hello Haleth- I'm wondering how to move the keybind/hotkey text on the actionbars cant find it in the actionbars lua. thanks. *edit* ofc- buttons :P ty again
File: FreeUI10-25-11
Originally posted by skarie In ac...
Posted By: feraldrood
Originally posted by skarie In actionbars.lua, locate pet frame and do a SetScale(..) thanks for a reply, but scaling the whole bar gives me blurry pixels, im wondering how to adjust icon size, so the pixels stay clean. any ideas? EDIT** thanks for the response :) it worked, but for some reason the attack button is...
File: FreeUI10-23-11
hey Haleth, could you help me o...
Posted By: feraldrood
hey Haleth, could you help me out with scaling the buttonsize of the petbar? thanks
File: FreeUI09-14-11
trying again: hey Haleth, h...
Posted By: feraldrood
trying again: hey Haleth, how do i move the keybind/stack text on the action bars? (x y values) thanks
File: FreeUI09-11-11
action bars/ hotkey
Posted By: feraldrood
hey Haleth, problem 1: wondering how to modify the lua in action bars so that i have about 4 pixels (on the y axis) between the two main action bars the bars dont appear to respond to my attempts to move them: "("BOTTOM", UIParent, "BOTTOM", 0, 255)" 255 just to see if the bar would move not the height I'm looking fo...
File: FreeUI06-12-11
Dear haleth, ;P hey so I have a...
Posted By: feraldrood
Dear haleth, ;P hey so I have a want... i want to (starting with your FreeUI) rewrite the UI to my liking. To do this however, I need to understand the various components of your lua work. My hope is that i can simply take the elements found in the Scripts folder and slap them in a new folder in an empty interface folder and s...
File: rSetBackdrop06-12-11
thanks for the quick response zork,...
Posted By: feraldrood
thanks for the quick response zork, well i tried your code but that simply made a square outline wayy too small for the icon size, so I changed the " -1,1 " etc.. text to something more along the lines of 15 or 16 pixels, which worked but still wasnt pixel perfect. SO.. lol I tried disabling bagnon etc.. just to see if oglow...
File: rSetBackdrop06-11-11
hey zork, so heres my prob: http...
Posted By: feraldrood
hey zork, so heres my prob: In both images, the glow texture is not pixel perfect, the first is pretty close but not quite there. I'm using bagnon and oglow, but bagnon already has a glow feature built into the lua: that, is the lua that I'm trying to modify to get a perfect square...
File: tekticles06-05-11
Hi, so i got a problémo that has be...
Posted By: feraldrood
Hi, so i got a problémo that has been breathing down my neck forever- -my chat font is set "outlinemonochrome" -(caps) -when i log in, everything fine chat- outlined/monochromed -if i toggle any addon pannel or the profession pane etc.. random interface windows, the chat loses its outline. -now... i can /rl and that typicall...
File: kgPanels05-27-11
quick question (hopefully lol):...
Posted By: feraldrood
quick question (hopefully lol): *snippet* self.text:SetText('Show') <--- how do I position the text, and potentially change the font/tags (outlinemonochrome) thanks *full code* -OnClick if pressed then if kgPanel7:IsShown() or kgPanel4:IsShown() then kgPanel7:Hide() kgPanel4:Hide() self.text:SetTex...
File: ncDebuffTimer05-17-11
Nice addon, but its not working for...
Posted By: feraldrood
Nice addon, but its not working for me: when ingame, I got this error Interface\AddOns\ncDebuffTimer\ncDebuffTimer.lua:34: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'x' (a nil value) : ? Interface\AddOns\ncDebuffTimer\ncDebuffTimer.lua:34: in function Interface\AddOns\ncDebuff...
File: AlleyMap05-04-11
Posted By: feraldrood
It appears that by scaling down the map, I also scale down the font used on tooltips involving the map. I love your addon but I need to be able to read tooltips. trying to fix- thanks
File: AI-Art04-26-11
Blue Glow
Posted By: feraldrood
Hi, I really dig this art :)))) but i want to know how i can modify the blue glow on buttons (for ex: the enter world button) so that it is etc... idk if possbru but worth a try. thanks
File: ButtonFacade: Lily04-22-11
Absolutely dope button skin. :)...
Posted By: feraldrood
Absolutely dope button skin. :) thanks for uploading. *edit* btw the binding key font on your screenshot... what is it?/what scale it looks great