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File: nibChatTabs12-28-10
Thanks for the new hide options. I...
Posted By: AstroCat
Thanks for the new hide options. I got one more for you... how about the ability to turn on and off individual tabs? Thanks! :)
File: nibChatTabs12-27-10
How can I view the little chat tab...
Posted By: AstroCat
How can I view the little chat tab outline that the Wow Default uses? Like in the top image of your screenshot? Thanks!
File: X-Perl UnitFrames02-03-07
Is there anyway to move or modify t...
Posted By: AstroCat
Is there anyway to move or modify the Aggo text that appears above your head when you have aggro? I'd like to move it. Maybe you could tell me where it is in the code and I could change it if you don't want to update? Thanks!
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-28-07
Is there anyway to get the party to...
Posted By: AstroCat
Is there anyway to get the party to align from the right side of the screen instead of the left?
File: Cartographer01-26-07
notes appearing in wrong places...
Posted By: AstroCat
Ok, another problem. I'm in the Exodar and when POI picks up a location it appears way off on the map, not in the correct location. So far these are my bugs: 1. POI appearing in wrong places. 2. POI sometimes not entering the location. For example, 1 mailbox will work and the next won't. 3. Flightmaster appearing in wrong place...
File: Cartographer Quests01-25-07
Issue ...
Posted By: AstroCat
Picked up 2 quests. 1 got added but it just lists the giver as: Quest. The other one did not get recorded. Any help? Thanks!
File: Cartographer Vendors01-25-07
Not working... help?
Posted By: AstroCat
Using the latest versions of Cartographer_Vendors-r26166 with Cartographer-r26135 when I talk to a vendor nothing happens. No notes is added. Other modules are working but not this one. It shows up in the options list, but does not work. Any help? Thanks!
File: Cartographer01-25-07
Cartographer_Vendors not working ... help?
Posted By: AstroCat
Just starting checking Cartographer out. Coming over from metamap. For some reason Cartographer_Vendors is not working at all. Any ideas? Other modules are working as expected. Thanks!
File: Ace01-10-06
Boogie box problem with 1.3
Posted By: AstroCat
Ok, with ACE 1.3 the BoogieBox victory track will just keeping looping and never stop. With ACE 1.25 it works 100% ok. Any help? Thanks!