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File: Rune-It-All08-05-09
After being in a vehicle the runes...
Posted By: Azgrim
After being in a vehicle the runes no longer show any cooldown graphic until I reloadui.
File: SmartBuff07-29-06
Could the groupbuff check be change...
Posted By: Azgrim
Could the groupbuff check be changed to check for either the single target or group buff instead of just the group? The way it works now, you could have a group with 5 players, all who have just received a new 30 min single target buff and smartbuff will still groupbuff them.
File: ItemRack07-27-06
Originally posted by Aileen I use...
Posted By: Azgrim
Originally posted by Aileen I use Bagnon, not the Blizzard bank frames... I wonder if that's my problem. Most likely it is the problem. Bagnon doesn't use the default blizzard frames, it replaces them.
File: BigTrouble07-27-06
ChatFrame.lua:2144: AceConsole-2.0:...
Posted By: Azgrim
ChatFrame.lua:2144: AceConsole-2.0: Option handler "CmdUnlock" not found. The people getting the error are using a newer version of AceConsole-2.0.lua, so you need to update BigTrouble to fix it. Disabled all other Ace2 addons and the error went away. Also, think you could add BigTrouble to the ace svn?
File: TinyTip07-08-06
Needs to anchor other tooltips like...
Posted By: Azgrim
Needs to anchor other tooltips like herb/mining nodes to the same place as unit anchor. It's getting there, but TipBuddy is still better just because I can put all tooltips in one place. I simply cannot stand mouse anchor, it's so incredibly annoying, and it seems like almost everyone making a tooltip addon loves it. :(