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File: MoveAnything03-08-11
Ticket Status
Posted By: Twigy
I moved the GM ticket status frame and after I tried putting in a ticket to a GM it gave me an error and I couldn't see the status of my ticket, wasn't even sure it was submitted, well a GM did get back to me 2 days later so that confirmed that it did get submitted, so I tried again another day and well same thing still don't know if...
File: MoveAnything02-04-11
Posted By: Twigy
I'm trying to move Atramedes sound bar because it is currently behind my mini map does anyone know the code to move this?
File: Grid12-26-08
Posted By: Twigy
while setting up my Druid I noticed there's not an option for Buff: Lifebloom in the frames section, can I add it in some how? if so how? Playing a resto Druid its my favorite spell for healing and I like to see timers on the Party/Raid frames for how much longer it has left, I got it for Rejuv/Regrowth which is wonderful I just need...
File: PitBull 3.012-24-08
Im a newb to this....
Posted By: Twigy
Ok I play a healer on more than one of my chars, and I cant figure out how to get a pet frame for other peoples pets when in a group. Secondly, is there a way that I can show certain buffs on the party/raid frames with timers on how much longer there going to last, (such as lifebloom regrowth, rejuv) since my most favorite healer...