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File: Aloft03-13-09
Thanks, I installed an error-messag...
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Thanks, I installed an error-message addon, I'll play around with Aloft a bit to see if I can reproduce the error. By the way, is it possible to change the default 'unidentified' HP bar color for friendly units (class colors on)? I'm becoming paranoid seeing so many shammys around.. xD Also energy only shows on targeted unit, r...
File: Aloft03-12-09
Hi! This addon looks great! Howe...
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Hi! This addon looks great! However I got a 'Memory allocation error: block too big' after about 20 minutes just trying to configure the addon. Pretty annoying with the whole of the gui getting shut out.. I don't know where to get the error message, I can post it if I run into the problem next time.
File: Magic Runes03-05-09
Hi! I just downloaded Magic Runes,...
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Hi! I just downloaded Magic Runes, launched WoW, went to config window and put a tick in the 'show remaining time'. Getting an error 'Interface\Addons\MagicRunes\MagicRunes.lua:494:attempt to index upvalue 'data' (nil value)'. Easily reproduceable^^ Oh, and by the way what about Crypt Fever and Ebon plague?
File: RedRange03-05-09
Originally posted by Yinchie This...
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Originally posted by Yinchie This addon is abandon, since it isn't working on both Live or PTR. I don't know about PTR but it works perfectly fine on live (3.09). I'm using in with Dominos btw.
File: ActionButtonText01-14-09
ABT is more about showing when you...
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ABT is more about showing when you don't need to reuse something (because a DoT or Buff is still active or you have charges left) rather than highlighting when something IS available... Uh.. I'm playing as an Arms warrior, and I actually find myself using ABT to monitor what I HAVE available as well.. Is it considered a mod abuse?...
File: ActionButtonText01-12-09
Is there a way to track the 20/25 s...
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Is there a way to track the 20/25 seconds during which you can use Victory Rush on warrior? There is no apparent buff when you get to use it, your ability icon just lightens up after you kill a monster..
File: Roth UI (Diablo)01-03-09
Font glitch?
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Hi! I just installed this mod and it looks great!:) However I get ' ? ' instead of ' : ' everywhere and it is pretty annoying. All other letters/symbols display correctly. If I delete the 'Fonts' folder that came with Roth UI, everything works fine. Anyone know how to fix it? I'm using a French version of Wow.
File: oUF_Diablo01-03-09
EDIT: whoops, wrong page, meant Rot...
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EDIT: whoops, wrong page, meant Roth UI package.
File: ActionButtonText12-22-08
Thank you for such an awesome mod!:...
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Thank you for such an awesome mod!:) The debuff counter doesn't seem to work with Hamstring for some reason. I've tried all possible options (even considering it a buff^^) but still no effect. Could this possibly be fixed? EDIT: another minor thing, I'm playing a troll warrior, so I have 2 abilities with similar names 'Berserke...