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File: Holy Power Indicator11-26-10
I really like this addon, bu im loo...
Posted By: Jerro
I really like this addon, bu im looking forward to the fixes :) 'thank you for your work.
File: thek: Unitframes05-24-10
Posted By: Jerro
thank you for this lovely addon, ah and well really like the others as well. but is it possible to make the partyframes drag and drop? that would be awesome.
File: MyTextures05-23-10
Re: Re: Borders
Posted By: Jerro
Originally posted by RonnieW I will look in to it (just wait 1-2 days), adding borders shouldn't be to much of a hassle. But as i said before, if you want to add a specific texture it's real easy to add it to the MyTextures.lua. If it's a specific type of border you're looking for, please let me know and i'll see what i can do....
File: MyTextures05-22-10
Posted By: Jerro
This addon sounds really promising, and im gonna try it out in a few minutes. But what i really like to see is borders, i dont know but i seem to have really hard time finding addons for that. Thenak you for your work, Jerro
File: gChat01-18-10
Re: Re: Text in the editbox.
Posted By: Jerro
Oh well lol, thats why well silly me not thinking about that one :o thank you very much. Originally posted by Goldpaw That's because "cococo" isn't an RGB hex value, it's just 6 letters. You want to replace that with c0c0c0. Zero instead of the letter o. So to get that slightly darker shade of grayish white, you would want t...
File: gChat01-17-10
Text in the editbox.
Posted By: Jerro
First of all really nice chat addon it is pretty much what i nedd. No more, no less, perfect :D There is one thing tho, if you could get the text that you type in the editbox outlined or shadowed to? Is it possible? And well URL linking would be nice to. Gah it sounds like in only complaining, but i can assure you im really happy...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-01-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: Broken party frames
Posted By: Jerro
This is pretty common for human 3D models, it isnt just Roth UI. Ive seen it in other unitframe addons as well. Mostly human models that bug out but it happens with other models to. Best regards Jerro Originally posted by Betonz Here is the SS of the bug: http://img262.imageshack.us/img262/3227/screenshot093009161319.jpg...
File: Roth UI (Diablo)07-31-09
There is no combat indicator it loo...
Posted By: Jerro
There is no combat indicator it looks ugly. But I could add some glowing swords somewhere when in combat. Hmmm... This would be nice Have bee using your ui for a while now, and think it is great. The only thing i would like to see is rFilter2 would function more like Debuff Filter. Kinda egoistisc of me, but i really like your te...
File: Lordy's Tech Skins for BTEX /w Class Colors03-10-09
again it really looked good :D
Posted By: Jerro
again it really looked good :D
File: Lordy's Tech Skins for BTEX03-09-09
Looking Good
Posted By: Jerro
Hey Lordy Ive seen some of your work at The Den as well. And it is good work, a small suggestion i see this good looking art in different colors. How about making them in class colors as well? Best Regards -Jerro-