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File: RollCraft07-18-09
This one definitely has its uses, a...
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This one definitely has its uses, and I may try it out. Usually when I fight, I do it against monsters, so there's always a "DM" who has the final word (usually myself or my associate in the Auberdine community). This addon is not perfect, it's probably best suited for "RP encounters" against other people which you don't necess...
File: Aubcom's Environment Emotes04-25-09
Happy days!
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Everything is working. Be happy.
File: Aubcom's Environment Emotes04-06-09
I wanted to apologize that PetEmote...
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I wanted to apologize that PetEmote support is still shaky for whatever reason. It worked somehow for some emotes, doesn't seem to do so now. Stay tuned.
File: Market Watcher04-02-09
Been using this for a few days. Awe...
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Been using this for a few days. Awesome addon. However, would it be possible to have maybe have the time of day on the X-axis? Or maybe if you hover some point in the graph it tells you what the X and Y values are for the selected line. Other than that, this addon is indeed very useful.
File: Market Watcher03-30-09
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Thanks for this addon! A small addon that does one simple task well.
File: Aubcom's Environment Emotes03-25-09
New addon!
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Greetings, my tiny yet awesome userbase. For those of you who appreciate the elegance and intrusive addons - say no more. I am working on a new addon named the "World Enhancer." Yes, those gnomes, they make the funniest devices! The exact way in which this addon will work is yet to be decided completely, but I do have a very go...
File: Aubcom's Environment Emotes12-27-08
Re: Limitations
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Originally posted by ZoeRayne You should probably mention in the info that it only makes these changes visible to other users of the mod. At least I assume that's the case, as anything else would (as I understand it) violate Blizz's ToS. I love the idea behind this mod, but its uses are really limited unless everyone you RP / pl...