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File: Supervillain UI09-06-14
Re: Incoming...
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You totally are a genius and I want you to know how much my husband and I enjoy this UI. Thank you continually updating and improving it. v4.2 -- Prep work for transitioning to WoD is now in place -- MASSIVE improvements to stylings and frame handlers -- New plugin: SVUI_TrackingDevice -- this is essentially the GPS elements...
File: Altoholic10-30-11
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I'm happy to hear that - this is one of the best addons out there. Thanks for all your hard work. Originally posted by Thaoky Hi everyone, small update, I hope to be able to find a bit more time to work on the addon in the coming weeks, but nothing is certain. Big projects at work and planning is subject to heavy modification...
File: RealUI 805-01-11
Grid in 5 man not showing tank
Posted By: gembr
I can change the party layout to 25man w/tanks, and it will show the tank for a while, then it reverts back. Is there a setting I needed to adjust? Thanks.
File: Ara Broker SpecSwitcher10-16-10
Setting equipment set seems to be on offset
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Hi - it seems when I set an equipment set for the current spec, it is setting it for the spec I am not currently in. Is this intended? thanks.
File: Bartender408-05-09
Totem bar
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How do I select a different totem in combat?
File: Ion05-16-09
Thank you!
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Thank you so much! It was the action id's I was missing. Now I have my favorite bar addon back!:banana: Originally posted by Dwargh I think that should be a possess bar or a control bar. how to set up a possess bar can be read in the FAQ and the control bar should be set up just as the possess bar, only go control instead of...
File: Ion05-14-09
I cannot get the bars to work for w...
Posted By: gembr
I cannot get the bars to work for when I mind control someone on my priest. Can you tell me how I need to set that up? Thank you so much.
File: Altoholic12-24-08
Only shows a few alchemy recipes from my alt
Posted By: gembr
It used to show all the recipes she knew... now it randomly picks only a few to show...