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File: Supervillain UI (Classic)01-13-15
So appreciative
Posted By: gembr
Nope, never felt this way. I greatly appreciate all of your time and effort, and feel you go way above and beyond to not only fix bugs, but accommodate people's requests. I love SVUI and have told several people about it. It's not for everyone, but nothing is. Just like a radio station, change it if you don't like it. I haven't be...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)11-30-14
Garrison quest tracker
Posted By: gembr
Hey there - I have noticed that for these (If I am thinking of the right thing), you may have to scroll down in your quest log tracker and see if you see the blue bar at the bottom. v5.2.999: > PetSpells and MANY other taints have been fixed. Consequently the SpellBinder (Click-to-Cast) feature has been temporarily removed as it...
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)10-24-14
Breakstuff erroring
Posted By: gembr
Hi Mung - thanks so much for the fantastic add on. Just wanted to let you know my Enchanter (haven't tried other toons) was receiving errors of "attempt to index field "utilitybar" (a nil value)". I see 294 in the error (it just keeps incrementing, so I can't copy the log) so maybe that is a line number. It also says "In function F"....
File: Supervillain UI (Classic)09-06-14
Re: Incoming...
Posted By: gembr
You totally are a genius and I want you to know how much my husband and I enjoy this UI. Thank you continually updating and improving it. v4.2 -- Prep work for transitioning to WoD is now in place -- MASSIVE improvements to stylings and frame handlers -- New plugin: SVUI_TrackingDevice -- this is essentially the GPS elements...
File: Altoholic10-30-11
Posted By: gembr
I'm happy to hear that - this is one of the best addons out there. Thanks for all your hard work. Originally posted by Thaoky Hi everyone, small update, I hope to be able to find a bit more time to work on the addon in the coming weeks, but nothing is certain. Big projects at work and planning is subject to heavy modification...
File: RealUI05-01-11
Grid in 5 man not showing tank
Posted By: gembr
I can change the party layout to 25man w/tanks, and it will show the tank for a while, then it reverts back. Is there a setting I needed to adjust? Thanks.
File: Ara Broker SpecSwitcher10-16-10
Setting equipment set seems to be on offset
Posted By: gembr
Hi - it seems when I set an equipment set for the current spec, it is setting it for the spec I am not currently in. Is this intended? thanks.
File: Bartender408-05-09
Totem bar
Posted By: gembr
How do I select a different totem in combat?
File: Altoholic12-24-08
Only shows a few alchemy recipes from my alt
Posted By: gembr
It used to show all the recipes she knew... now it randomly picks only a few to show...