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File: KeyProfiler05-05-09
Nice addon, however i have some tro...
Posted By: Xanobia
Nice addon, however i have some troubles with it first similar to what szerl posted, say having ALT+Q bound to actionbar 1 button 1 in one set and to the default 1 in another set,. Going from one set to another load both keybinds for actionbar 1 button 1. That way 1 and ALT-Q is bound to actionbar 1 button 1 (this is just an examp...
File: RatingBuster05-04-07
Gnome Racial
Posted By: Xanobia
I have discovered en error in you superb addon. Yuo fail to consider the racial bonus of +5% int for gnomes which also makes the spell dmg calculation for arcane mages (+25% spell dmg from int) somewhat off.. :) Havent tested to see if this holds true for humans racial +5 (or is it 10%) spirit? Anyways keep up the good wor...
File: RatingBuster04-29-07
Originally posted by Phymis how...
Posted By: Xanobia
Originally posted by Phymis how can i get in the "Options" menu? Phymis Was wondering the same thing myself.
File: Bartender312-11-06
Paging Not Workin in versions newer than 19501
Posted By: Xanobia
I've downloaded from wowace.com and since version 19501 button paging is broken (the modifer ALT, CTRL and SHIFT thingie works but not static changing pages)
File: Auditor11-07-06
Ignore Character
Posted By: Xanobia
I have a request. Since im the manager og our guildbank i would love to have an option to ignore a character, would that be a possibilty you would consider? thx.. :)