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File: Loot Message Filter06-24-15
caged battle pets
Posted By: fremion
Sorry I was not monitoring this forum. Thank you very much for reporting it, without you I would have never noticed that. version 0.5 should fix the issue with caged battle pets. Addon is not filtering caged battle pets anymore.
File: oUF Drk Fanupdate01-02-15
Re: Role Icons
Posted By: fremion
Thanks a lot for this great layout ! Any chance to add role icons to the party/raid frames ? As a resto druid its hard to ´wait´ until its clear who has the tank role in random groups. :o It is already built-in. Just works on mouseover. If you want them to be shown permanently then; in lib.lua file: change; line 342 f...
File: BuyEmAll11-05-14
Thank you
Posted By: fremion
I see that you've recently updated it. It was already working but still thank you for maintaining the addon. It is a very useful piece of code :)
File: oUF Drk Fanupdate10-30-14
raid frames in battlegrounds
Posted By: fremion
Thank you myno for supporting this amazing addon In future builds, could you please add an option to enable raid frames for battlegrounds without enabling it for "even when solo" play? Best regards
File: bNameplates02-02-13
Memory usage
Posted By: fremion
Hi Thanks for this great addon. With slightly thinner (modified) healthbars than default it looks great. I also believe that it is more responsive (shows my debuffs quicker) than other nameplate addons. I hope you maintain it for many expansions. One little thing is its memory usage. With GB's or RAM available I dont care th...