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File: oUF_Freebgrid05-31-10
Posted By: Thrae
Good job on the update. I've been waiting for this.
File: TinyTip05-01-10
Seems I can't rely on the public.
Posted By: Thrae
I was hoping someone else will pick up this project for me, as it's public domain, or make a sensible replacement that's non-borg (100000 options or just bad code). Alas, that hasn't happened. And so many things have changed that I'll have to strip TinyTip down to its TinyBits and re-code it. Not all of it, mostly just the archite...
File: oUF_Freebgrid04-15-10
Originally posted by Freebaser I'...
Posted By: Thrae
Originally posted by Freebaser I've tried a few things to fix the movable problem. None have worked without creating another issue. The problem is the raid header frame grows when more units are added. If you saved your position with an anchor size of one unit, it will have weird effects trying to set a frame 25 times larger than i...
File: oUF_Freebgrid03-22-10
Re: Re: Removing certain tags.
Posted By: Thrae
Originally posted by Freebaser Yes, this is an issue with oUF_MovableFrames but I'm looking into it. This is my only problem. Freebgrid has become my go-to raid and party frames after the work on PerfectRaid died down. Keep up the good work!
File: Raid_Debuff_RU03-11-10
Merge with oUF_Freebgrid as Optional Patch
Posted By: Thrae
Go to http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info12264-oUF_Freebgrid.html#optional and you can add it as a patch. There's no need for this to exist separately and it may cause confusion (people not reading your warning and installing it anyway). You can even keep your own SVN.
File: TinyTip06-15-09
My plan is two-fold. 1) Allow ch...
Posted By: Thrae
My plan is two-fold. 1) Allow changes in StandAloneConfig.lua to overwrite TinyTipDB if they have a value. That way you can easily just change the values in StandAloneConfig.lua. I bet you noticed this file in the TinyTipBasic, etc. directories. 2) Very simple slash command interface. /ttip
File: TinyTip06-14-09
Basically my idea is to gut the cur...
Posted By: Thrae
Basically my idea is to gut the current TinyTip and remake it again from the ground up. That'll take time. TinyTip was never supposed to be highly configurable. TinyTipOptions is not endorsed by me and will not be in future versions until fixed either by me (not likely) or hopefully some kind soul.
File: TinyTip03-10-08
TinyTip's beta on WAU / GCode now h...
Posted By: Thrae
TinyTip's beta on WAU / GCode now has TinyTipOptions available once again.
File: VitalWatch03-07-08
Sorry everyone. Right now I am focu...
Posted By: Thrae
Sorry everyone. Right now I am focusing 100% on TinyTip and haven't had time to do VitalWatch lovin'. It's next on my list to rewrite. 2.4 is also going to give me some new options when it comes to dealing with aggro, as well as configuration. I'm also planning on using the TinyTip modular approach to VitalWatch. I thank darkwraith00...
File: TinyTip03-07-08
Yep. WAU is a release and beta dist...
Posted By: Thrae
Yep. WAU is a release and beta distribution system, so be aware. Please send all issues to http://code.google.com/p/thrae-wow/ if you're using the beta. I'm hard working on the options menu, but it's still not ready yet. A lot of localizations and database interactions that need to be rewritten.
File: TinyTip02-27-08
TinyTip v2.0 coming along nicely.
Posted By: Thrae
I'd like to say that 2.0 is coming along nicely and I hope to have a release candidate soon. Since WoW 2.4 is quickly approaching, I've decided to eschew my current configuration design and just change the old/current TinyTipOptions to work with my new design. However, before I could do that, I needed to stabilize my new design. W...
File: TinyTip01-18-08
TinyTip is still alive.
Posted By: Thrae
I'm still working on TinyTip, progress is slow because I have a demanding job, multiple addon projects, and I just reinstalled my workstation. Anyway, you can find the new, super-slim version of TinyTip (v2.0) at http://code.google.com/p/thrae-wow/ The reason I haven't posted this version is because it only contains formatting and...
File: SmartBuff01-14-07
Latest patch added /click. Do you k...
Posted By: Thrae
Latest patch added /click. Do you know what you can do with this and SmartBuff? Make a macro like so: /castsequence Buff1, Buff2, Buff3, etc. /click SmartBuff_KeyButton It's that simple. Now when you press your keybind for the macro, it'll be like pressing the SmartBuff button. If you're in combat, then you'll just have t...
File: VitalWatch12-31-06
@jdhas -- DeuceCommander only works...
Posted By: Thrae
@jdhas -- DeuceCommander only works if a mod uses AceConsole, and mine doesn't. As for missing VitalWatchOptions ... do you have the folder in C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons? Note that 2.1 also contains a tiny fix for VWO.
File: TinyTip08-25-06
SVN now has Server Name for the new...
Posted By: Thrae
SVN now has Server Name for the new cross BGs, I want to do some more work to fix 1.12 problems and add a better Extra Tooltip and better compatibility before the next release.
File: TinyTip07-28-06
Originally posted by Lacindas ##...
Posted By: Thrae
Originally posted by Lacindas ## OptionalDeps: TinyTip correct? Yes, if the line is not there, add it.
File: TinyTip07-28-06
Re: 2 tooltips?
Posted By: Thrae
Originally posted by Lacindas forgive me if this is noobish, but i just switched to tinytip from tipbuddy, so im just gettin used to things. is there suppossed to be 2 tooltips? when i mouseover someone, i get a tooltip anchored to my mouse and then what im guessing is the extra features in a 2nd tooltip (ie guild, pvp rank etc)...
File: VitalWatch07-24-06
I am planning on converting VitalWa...
Posted By: Thrae
I am planning on converting VitalWatch into an optional module with another project I'm working on. Stay tuned.
File: TinyTip07-24-06
Portal up!
Posted By: Thrae
My portal is up. Please list all your bugs and feature requests there. If you're not sure it's a bug, post here instead. @blubbo -- Adding anchoring for mines, herbs, fish, etc. would affect ALL doodads, including, but not limited to, quest items, player corpses, chairs, signs, etc. They are all created by the game engine and send...
File: TinyTip07-23-06
Originally posted by willgk Thrae...
Posted By: Thrae
Originally posted by willgk Thrae, please set the insets on all tooltips to like 4 instead of 5, that way there isn't any white space between the border and the actual tip (it looks horrid) other than that kick ass mod! :) :eek: It's the default look of GameTooltip, I don't change it other then backdrop and border. Have you...
File: TinyTip07-22-06
Latest issued bugs have been fixed...
Posted By: Thrae
Latest issued bugs have been fixed with v1.4.3. Sorry!
File: TinyTip07-22-06
Version 1.4 released. All old bugs...
Posted By: Thrae
Version 1.4 released. All old bugs fixed, possibly new ones added. Enjoy! @rberry88 - MobInfo-2 works for me with v1.4. I did have to do some tweaking with the Extra Tooltip.
File: TinyTip07-11-06
Version 1.4 coming soon.
Posted By: Thrae
So Far: - The options for TinyTip are now a separate addon called TinyTipOptions which is LoadOnDemand. This means it takes up no memory until you use /ttip. - TinyTipOptions has a GUI for changing settings. - With the GUI settings window comes more flexibility, so more options for existing settings. - You can now have an "Extr...
File: TinyTip07-02-06
Stay tuned.
Posted By: Thrae
TinyTip v1.3 will be out tommorrow afternoon unless someone finds any serious bugs with my latest SVN commit. v1.3 is a HUGE update, so it needed in-depth testing (didn't want something like 1.29).
File: TinyTip06-29-06
Hi everyone - sorry for the late up...
Posted By: Thrae
Hi everyone - sorry for the late update, I lost Internet (and earlier power) sometime last night due to a thunderstorm. I'm now at my parents' house visiting for my little brother's birthday anyway, and they have Internet. But I need to download 1.11 on this laptop, so this may take a few days...