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File: Snork HUD07-26-16
Re: Re: Suggestion/Request
Posted By: Mook
Hey, thank you for the kind words. I will consider adding target frame as a plugin but I cannot give an ETA, being vacations and all. Any time, AddOn creators are some of my favorite people! It's in my Favorites list, if/when there's an update I'll see it. Enjoy some time in the non-virtual world! EDIT: I managed to get OnScre...
File: Snork HUD07-25-16
Posted By: Mook
Hello, Headhuntress! I found your AddOn this morning, nice job. I was using another AddOn named "OnScreenHealth" to show my Health/Mana on the left and my target's Health/Mana on the right, but the latest pre-Legion patch nuked it and it doesn't look to be updated any longer. At some point I may open up your Snork HUD to see if...
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills07-23-16
Hope this gets updated. Best tra...
Posted By: Mook
Hope this gets updated. Best tradeskill addon around and nothing else comes close. Agreed! I've slogged through probably a half dozen tradeskills AddOns in the last few days since patch, nothing comes close to this one. Fingers crossed for an update to Legion!
File: OnScreenHealth07-20-16
Rats :(
Posted By: Mook
Is Legion finally the end of this incredibly useful AddOn? That would be disappointing. Having these giant Me/Target numbers pop up only when there's combat has allowed me to move everything else far to the sides of the screen and out of the way. Hope I can keep doing that soon :) (Pack your bags! We're on a guilt trip!)
File: Select09-24-12
@Mook: I should've made that more c...
Posted By: Mook
@Mook: I should've made that more clear. Try /select type:Quest now. Huzzah! Perfect, sir, thanks for the quick reply. :)
File: Select09-23-12
Older Macro No Longer Working
Posted By: Mook
'Ello! Love this AddOn, used it for a long time, but I've been off WoW quite a few months. Now that I'm back and updated, my "Quest Item" macro no longer seems to work: #showtooltip /select tooltip:Quest Item /click Quest:Menu;Quest:Action I've also tried item:Quest Item instead? Thanks!
File: MapsterEnhanced11-29-11
LibTourist Library
Posted By: Mook
Hello! Thanks for a great AddOn. I am having an issue since the 4.3 patch though, if I have MapsterEnhanced enabled the WoW client will lock up at the loading bar and not enter the game (it does this whether MapsterEnhanced is using the original LibTourist library, or the newest one from WoWAce.com). Details can be found here r...
File: DocsNameplates05-01-11
Thank You Skycatcher!
Posted By: Mook
A sincere and hearty thank you sah - I'm completely spoiled with these nameplates, nothing else looks quite like them, and I'm very grateful you got 'em working again. :)
File: DocsNameplates12-22-10
Strange Error
Posted By: Mook
Regarding the continuous error message: "Message: Interface\AddOns\DocsUI_Nameplates\cast.lua:121: attempt to call global 'update' (a boolean value)" I've been trying to remember to clear out the BugSack whenever it reaches 400-500 error messages (I adore these nameplates and want to continue using them, nothing else looks quit...
File: DocsNameplates12-20-10
Originally posted by Finalflo I h...
Posted By: Mook
Originally posted by Finalflo I have the same problem. But It's an infinite loop so the game become very laggy. Is it a known bug ? I tried deleting my WTF for DocNameplates and reinstalling the addon. Thx ! BTW great addon ! Ditto here - continues to fill the BugSack until I manually clear it, then starts filling again....
File: Tabard-O-Matic11-17-10
Error Message
Posted By: Mook
Aye, same here. Originally posted by khariv The latest version of Atlasloot(v6.00.00BETA7) is showing an error with Tabard-o-Matic. I know in the past, there were some issues with the way that TOM hooked something or other. Is this the case again or is AtlasLoot to blame this time around? Here's the error text: 1x Tabard-...
File: Peggle Add-on for WoW11-12-10
Same Error as Below
Posted By: Mook
It would be awesome if someone knew how to suppress this OnLoad error - it's literally the only thing still erroring when I log in, it's harshing my OCD. :cool:
File: ArkInventory11-12-10
Re: Re: Fishing Delay
Posted By: Mook
Originally posted by arkayenro the only way i can duplicate this is with instant sorting enabled and the bag window open, in which case i'd expect the blip as re-sorting is a large cpu hit. Cool, thanks for the reply. My bags weren't open while I was fishing, but I may have had insta-sort on ... I'll poke around with some options...
File: Power Auras Classic: Buttons11-12-10
Posted By: Mook
Just another shout out to say - great idea, and thanks for the work. Looking forward to trying this out tonight!
File: ArkInventory11-10-10
Fishing Delay
Posted By: Mook
After updating ArkInventory this morning I was doing the fishing daily in Sholazar Basin. At every cast, when auto-looting the fish there was a 1-2 second freeze. Since Ark was the only AddOn I updated since last time I fished I just reverted, freeze/pause went away. Anyone else experiencing this?
File: Armory11-09-10
Re: Re: See Justice Points?
Posted By: Mook
Ah excellent! Thank you.
File: Armory11-08-10
See Justice Points?
Posted By: Mook
At the risk of again raising ire - is there any way of seeing the 'Currency' of alts (in particular Justice Points) from a single character? I'm pretty sure I checked everything over thoroughly, but there's a lot of info packed in there, entirely possible I overlooked it. Thanks,
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-27-10
Player Portrait Sometimes Fires
Posted By: Mook
Sooo glad this AddOn is being updated. :D One tiny issue I'm having - I have the Player unit frame enabled, using portraits, and set to fade when not in combat/active. Every once in a while just the player portrait will be visible - not the entire unit frame, just the portrait, floating by itself (though in the space where it woul...
File: Bartender410-27-10
Re: Re: Green Border?
Posted By: Mook
Originally posted by AnrDaemon Yeah, disable all other addons. Whatever I tried, I can't get anything similar to what you describing. Apologies AnrDaemon - it turned out to be an option I hadn't seen before in Raven buffbars called 'Highlights'. The description reads, "If you are using Bartender4, Dominos, or Macaroon then you c...
File: Bartender410-27-10
Green Border?
Posted By: Mook
After updating BT4 this morning, buttons that hold a macro for an effect I am currently under have a bright green border around them. For example, a button holding a mouseover macro for casting Arcane Brilliance has a bright green border while I have Arcane Brilliance buffing me, and the border goes away when I cancel that aura. I...
File: Auditor10-25-10
Repeating Error on Looting
Posted By: Mook
Howdy, I think I've narrowed down what's prompting the recurring error message: "1x Auditor2-4.0\Core.lua:390: bad argument #1 to 'find' (string expected, got nil)" It fires everytime the message "Your share of the loot is XX Silver, XX Copper." or "You loot XX Silver, XX Copper." shows in chat. Is it because line 390 of Cor...
File: Raven10-23-10
Posted By: Mook
DOH - my bad, it looks like I'm actually running r87! I'll update this morning, I'm sure that'll take care of it. Sorry for wasting your time on a phantom bug report. If it does happen again, I'll make sure to grab any actual error messages too, instead of just a vague guesstimate.
File: Raven10-22-10
SpellID Unknown (ish)
Posted By: Mook
Hiya! Wanted to say that Raven is a fantastic buff AddOn, in particular I really dig how each buff is colored by the class that gave it to you (small thing I know, but I'm easily amused). Anyhoo - was in Ulduar last night, driving one of the big vehicles at the beginning, and Raven was completely filling my Bugsack with errors alo...
File: Broker: XPBar10-21-10
Auto Watching Reputation Bar
Posted By: Mook
Hiya Burny_dd - thanks for all the work you've done on this awesome addon. :) I dig the new label options and such, but I've reverted back to the previous version temporarily. If I change the Reputation being watched on my character sheet's Reputation tab, Broker_XPBar no longer picks it up as the new Rep to watch ... I have to go...
File: Bartender410-20-10
Vehicle Bar Doesn't Show
Posted By: Mook
I'm not sure if it's something I'm not setting correctly, but I can't seem to get the Vehicle Bar to show when I'm in a vehicle. For example the dragon mounts in Oculus - my Bar 1 will switch correctly to show the dragon abilities, but the Vehicle Bar (which is checked to 'Enable', all Visibility options are set to show) doesn't disp...