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File: GoGoMount01-19-11
Re: My gogomount wentwent
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Originally posted by Szyarah It doesnt dismount me when I need it to, like when I swoop into SW on my UD lock to snowflake an alliance and the damn thing doesn't auto dismount me. *grumble* Aquatic form + sealegs + glyph = seahorse and instant cast. I want mine to use Aquatic form but it chooses seahorse first.. Can someone...
File: LootLink11-19-10
Today I realized that this addon wa...
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Today I realized that this addon was causing me extended load times when zoning in and out. Basically after my bar was full it would take from 40 sec + to load in. I isolated it to my beloved lootlink with these addons loaded: altaholic Omen3 ORA3 blacklist bloodqueen elephant postal sindyeasymode DBM linkwrangler gogomo...
File: GoGoMount10-25-10
Thank you so much. I'm tearing up....
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Thank you so much. I'm tearing up. This has never happened before :_)
File: GoGoMount10-23-10
Originally posted by tiker Not ye...
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Originally posted by tiker Not yet.. other than adding all of the mounts as favorites except the ones you don't want to use. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a decent GUI interface to select the mounts you want to use. Until you think of and impliment a better method, would it be possible to add in something simple...
File: BonusScanner Continued04-05-10
Conflict with Grid ?
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Am I the only one that has a conflict with Grid and this addon ? When BS is enabled, My Grid can not display correctly. Can anyone else confirm this or is it just me and I have another addon in conjunction with BS that is causing the conflict ? *FIXED: I turned off BS and grid would work but break when i turned it back on. B...
File: Bagnon02-05-09
Originally posted by WolfieCA I a...
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Originally posted by WolfieCA I am having this same issue ... any ideas? EPGP Confirmed to Conflict with this addon causing double Tooltip information on my computer. -Other addons that display quanity include: BankItems (displayed in blue above bagnon's) (but does'nt cause conflict)
File: Bartender306-17-07
How do i set it so that when i hold...
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How do i set it so that when i hold shift and scroll it doesn't scroll my action bar? is there an option to lock that in bt3 ? Loving this mod btw.
File: FuBar - ClockFu05-31-07
Re: Re: Re: Re: Fix
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it was indeed critline.
File: ag_UnitFrames02-12-07
wondering if this addon is still be...
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wondering if this addon is still being updated and followed here... My main question is how do i make the target frame show both actual health values AND percentage, i like to see actual value but as a warrior i need to know when it passes the 20% mark for execute. Is there a way to make a custom display and what would be the synt...
File: aUF_Layouts01-29-07
some screenshots would be nice so w...
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some screenshots would be nice so we know what we're getting >.>
File: ag_UnitFrames12-21-06
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**BUG or INCOMPATABILITY** I use ORA2 with these unit frames. and I LOVE these frames, esp the fact it has raid frames. However, i can't see my main tank and targets windows from ORA2 ie the ctraid main tank and targets frame. How do I get that back, is there a setting to display them or is there a conflict ?
File: Drathal's HUD12-10-06
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Love this, except it conflicts with nurfed ui. When i used it with nurfed it brings back up the default frames, is there a fix for this or maybe a command line to re-hide default frames? thanks ahead its a great addons that looks nice and clean.