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File: TellMeWhen10-31-10
Please add Condition using "GetEclipseDirection"
Posted By: Thrana
Would you consider adding a condition that makes use of "GetEclipseDirection". Maybe it's lack of imagination on my part but spell selection seems to be more dependent on the direction than the value of eclipse.
File: QuestRouterLite10-10-10
Minimap icons getting confused after quest complete
Posted By: Thrana
I was having issues with extra icons showing up on the minimap after completing a quest. The reason for this is the call to QuestRouterLite:RemoveMinimapIcons() was not actually removing any of the old icons. To fix this issue, replace all instances of "ipairs" with "pairs". ipairs() does not work if the table is sparse and QuestR...
File: QuestHelper05-24-09
"Watched" Filter no longer works with UberQuest
Posted By: Thrana
It appears that QuestHelber is no longer able to tell which quests are being tracked by UberQuest. Turning on the "Watched" Filter makes Ant Trails, Arrows and pretty much all other features stop working. Also if the QuestHelper tracker is enabled, selecting to track quest in UberQuest no longer makes the quest show up in the Quest...