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File: Guild Bank Filters09-07-10
Re: hidden edit boxes
Posted By: Olorin
Originally posted by Everglow I've noticed that occasionally the GBF elements don't show on the Guild Bank. Using /framestack and hovering over where they should be I could see they were indeed there but under the main GB frame. The local fix I made was to add a line in the lua code right after creating each element to set it's fra...
File: Addon Control Panel09-07-10
Posted By: Olorin
Sylvanaar, Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this addon with the WoW community, its all very nicely laid out, especially the branching. I really like being able to control addons without logging out to character select. Works great thanks! Olorin
File: PointTo Addon04-25-09
Johndu, thanks for your comments bu...
Posted By: Olorin
Johndu, thanks for your comments but right now I am not playing WoW much and cant really spare the time investment to add this functionality but I will certainly consider adding this feature in future. Regards, Olorin
File: Guild Bank Filters02-26-09
Fred, after having looked at this e...
Posted By: Olorin
Fred, after having looked at this error i've found that it relates to the code of version 0.5 not the current 0.5a, please update with the current version, I have put in more checks to avoid this issue. Please let me know if you have any issues after updating. Regards Olorin.
File: Guild Bank Filters02-26-09
fred, can you tell me if you get th...
Posted By: Olorin
fred, can you tell me if you get this every time your interface loads, ie logging into a character or doing a /console reloadui or is it just occasionally/rarely? I have found theirs issues with bolting on this addon to the guildbankframe since it isnt created till you first visit the guild bank. I will have a look at this but a...
File: Bagnon02-23-09
Feature request
Posted By: Olorin
Firstly thanks for this addon its very nice not to have half my screen taken up when looking at bags. I wondered if you would consider a feature, to print the item req level in small print at topleft of each box, perhaps as an option, similar to my guild bank filter addon http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info12377-GuildBankFilte...
File: Guild Bank Filters02-02-09
Thanks 8489 for bringing that to my...
Posted By: Olorin
Thanks 8489 for bringing that to my attention, the addon itsself has not been changed but I have uploaded a .zip version instead so this addon is supported by the current WoW Interface Updater. Regards Olorin.
File: PointTo Addon02-02-09
I have implemented the requested ch...
Posted By: Olorin
I have implemented the requested changes so far as well as rewriting my update code. Hopefully this will make it fit your needs better. Regards Olorin
File: PointTo Addon01-29-09
mrruben5, not sure when this commen...
Posted By: Olorin
mrruben5, not sure when this comment was made but I did add earlier that this feature would be added soon. Feedback is appreciate :)