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File: AI-Art02-12-11
Re: Re: Guild
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Originally posted by Quokka What Icon are you useing? Please upload a screenshot, Since this is the frist time I heard about this error http://i1088.photobucket.com/albums/i335/Nucruswow/guildicon.jpg Same problem with any of the newer guild tabard icons. And heres an image of what it looks like with your Interface. http...
File: AI-Art Icons02-12-11
Gem Colors
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The colors of the cata rare gems using this icon pack are wrong, orange gems are pink etc.
File: ErrorMonster02-04-11
Uncaught Error
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Iv'e noticed that one particular error isn't being filtered/redirected by errormonster. You can't do that right now. It is a result of trying to change equipsets in combat/while casting, I have it on my main nuke so when I get jumped while fishing it changes my weapons back. Incredibly annoying in raids as the error messages...
File: Broker: XPBar01-25-11
Originally posted by joshmiller83...
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Originally posted by joshmiller83 Any possibility of adding another Guild XP LDB? Would also love to see this functionality. Either as a third bar, or as an alternative to one of the other bars.
File: AI-Art01-21-11
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Overall love the look of these frames, way better than the default blizzard ones. Having a few guild related issues tho: Firstly the Minimap banner for being in a "Guild Group" (4/5 in heroics etc.) just isn't showing at all. Secondly anywhere thats supposed to have our guild icon (top left of guild pane, tab for guild perks...
File: LureCombustion - discontinued11-12-10
possibility for a running total?
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possibility for a running total?
File: Volumizer10-24-10
I've just moved over from FuBar_Vol...
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I've just moved over from FuBar_VolumeFu, and there are a couple of things I miss that I was hoping you could incorporate in Volumizer. Changing the default step size from 10 to 1 (I've tried doing this myself with your code but I think there is an issue with accuracy using the current number formats you are using) Being able t...
File: ForteXorcist12-21-09
Could we get Black Magic added as w...
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Could we get Black Magic added as well, buff duration shows up fine once its added, but the internal cooldown doesn't show on the cooldown timer.