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File: Broker_CPU / Memory / Performance01-31-12
What am I doint wrong if the toolti...
Posted By: brunbär
What am I doint wrong if the tooltip doesn't show any CPU information at all, despite of CPU profiling being on apparently?
File: Quecho04-06-10
Re: Breaks the new Objectives tracker in 3.3.3
Posted By: brunbär
Originally posted by Wizardling With this addon installed no objectives display :( Confirming this, I couldn't get any quest or achievement objectives to show up in 3.3.3 and kept getting an error in FrameXML\WatchFrame.lua until I disabled Quecho. Sadpanda :(
File: LootLink05-10-09
LootLink (and Elkano's ItemDB) are...
Posted By: brunbär
LootLink (and Elkano's ItemDB) are definitely responsible for certain disconnects for me - if I disable them all is fine and dandy, if I enable either I get "retrieving item information" while mousing over empty bank slots, which leads to disconnects when I click the bank slot (eg. when I move an item there, but also just from left-c...