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File: Threat Plates11-15-12
Is there a way to set custom colors...
Posted By: indoviet
Is there a way to set custom colors for only friendly nameplates and keep enemy nameplates class colored?
File: Master Ninja Theme Song07-13-09
Posted By: indoviet
Fun mod :) Is there any way to increase the volume of the music?
File: InterruptIcons06-22-09
I downloaded the latest version but...
Posted By: indoviet
I downloaded the latest version but somehow I don't have the options pane. The addon is checked in the character selection menu, any ideas why this is happening? Thanks!
File: DoTimer03-29-09
LUA errors
Posted By: indoviet
Hi, lately DoTimer has been generating a lot of errors, to the point where I can see a noticeable slow in gameplay Here is the error that is generated: :1:attempt to call field 'OnUpdate' (a nil value) Thanks for all help in advance (I've also tried deleting the DoTimer file in my WTF folder and reinstallin the addon b...
File: DotIt02-23-09
Posted By: indoviet
Hi, thanks for the great mod. Quick question, is it possible to remove spells that I've inserted? Because I glyphed an ability that reduces the duration of it, but when I unglyph it, I want DotIt to adjust. Thanks again