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File: BankGUI09-21-12
Updated for Pandaria
Posted By: rml
Updated it for 5.0.5 yesterday !
File: BankGUI03-04-11
Posted By: rml
Due to cataclysm expansion i haven't been able yet to integrate it into the Social pane.
File: BankGUI11-17-09
Guildbank Items
Posted By: rml
Guildbank Items were not getting updated correctly when opening the guild bank. Only the first Tab was getting updated. I'm not sure since when this occured because i do not look at Guildbank items often, and I haven't seen any posts about this. Sorry for the inconvenience.
File: BankGUI10-13-09
newer version
Posted By: rml
Due to changes made, i usually can not find these errors anymore. Just try the updated version.
File: BankGUI09-16-09
new upload
Posted By: rml
uploaded modified version. couldnt realy find the error you are getting, so you'll just have to try this version.
File: BankGUI08-08-09
patch 3.2.0
Posted By: rml
Uploaded BankGUI for patch 3.2.0 No big changes to the addon.
File: BankGUI07-14-09
Re: Question
Posted By: rml
Well, it doesn't :) although the description may not be too clear: " ... if you shift-click the profession in the list to get the link in chat and re-open it, ..." in other words, to search their skills, you have to shift-click the wanted profession in the list, it is then put in the chat-box and there you can click it as if it w...
File: BankGUI05-23-09
in response to Casazil: FIXED an...
Posted By: rml
in response to Casazil: FIXED an error from updating the Currency. At first i did not have this error myself, but on another server, on a low character i had this error too. somehow there is an empty ( nil ) currency in the list, so i filtered that out, and it should work now ! download the latest update.
File: BankGUI05-11-09
FIXED bag update.
Posted By: rml
FIXED bag update. "In Bags" wasn't showing items totals as it should, cuz i forgot to get rid of some code i needed for testing. I've uploaded it, please download to get the right info ! Sorry for the inconvenience.
File: BankGUI05-10-09
fixed error
Posted By: rml
i've fixed the error ( i think ), and uploaded it ! i say i think, because i didnt have this error myself, even after deleting all saved variables files to do a 'clean' test, but i tried recreating the error by editing the saved variables and i hope it works. By the way, some information may be lost when you first use v2.1 beca...
File: BankGUI05-08-09
farm item info and item totals !
Posted By: rml
Im sorry for the late reply, but im not frequently visiting this section, because i like the game too much ;) Anywayz, ive been working on something like this, since someone made me notice the "Warehouse" functionality in Carbonite. i thought, maybe i can do the same for the farm items, to show information when hovering over stuff....
File: BankGUI03-31-09
I've stated from the beginning of t...
Posted By: rml
I've stated from the beginning of this addon that your bag/bank items only get updated when you open your bank :) i did this only because of 1 reason. it is the easiest way (and for me, only way) to update becasue i have tried to undersand the messages that are received for bag stuff (moving items around, selling at vendors etc) but...
File: BankGUI03-08-09
Ok, i added command line search. se...
Posted By: rml
Ok, i added command line search. see the update for short explanation :)
File: BankGUI02-22-09
Fixed it and added some functionali...
Posted By: rml
Fixed it and added some functionality, check the update :)