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File: FauxMazzle07-25-16
Re: Not working for me
Posted By: Urlryn
Hello Fizz, its been a while. Just did a complete new install of FM and i can not get it to work. After downloading and extracting to the addons folder, and upon log in, action bars are everywhere. Which is expected before /FM. This is where it gets weird. Type /FM into the chat frame, and nothing. The chat frame is still th...
File: FauxMazzle01-27-15
Re: Re: Domino issue
Posted By: Urlryn
I've already redone the whole WTF folder. So far its back to normal as long as i don't adjust the size of the bars. Do you have any recommendation on using 1920x1080? right now the bars at 14 long are to wide and overlap the chat screens. As for the Chat stuff when we create custom channels..what is the best way to add them to e...
File: FauxMazzle01-26-15
Domino issue
Posted By: Urlryn
Hey Fizzle, Awesome UI...couple issues. Domino has a issue when you try and resize bars and make new profiles. They never will stay locked into where they should be. I run at 1920x1080 and i have to always switch the profiles and back again to get bar1-4 back to where they go then manually move pet/class bar every time i enter...
File: MUI Gen1 - Discontinued!04-29-12
Couple issues I'm having now. Af...
Posted By: Urlryn
Couple issues I'm having now. After running setup..everything pretty much good to go following the directions. Missing a few things though. Chat - I have 6 tabs generally. And it appears in the middle of my screen Chat background (bottom left side) blank box where chat supposed to be! :D Minimap - next to time....no oth...
File: Looter04-29-12
How do you move the config screen?...
Posted By: Urlryn
How do you move the config screen? or unlock it so you can move it?
File: WeaponRebuff 3.407-05-08
Ok you need to fix the DMF alert so...
Posted By: Urlryn
Ok you need to fix the DMF alert song..... it does NOT go off till it runs through the entire song. You select it multiple times it will have multiple songs going at once. Very very annoying! but cool! :D Urlyrn
File: Unit Frame Action Bars01-22-07
Posted By: Urlryn
Heya Jas! Just thought i'd pipe in a few things i've seen 1. Action bars when you move them will not stay where you put them even if you lock it 2. Button pictures completely vanish. i mean is if i drag a spell into a button...its completely invisible...but the tooltip still shows it as being there. Usually happens on the T...
File: Unit Frame Action Bars01-01-07
Regarding the fading out of buttons...
Posted By: Urlryn
Regarding the fading out of buttons.....GB did this also but with 2.0 not sure you can do that while in combat and such. The only thing you maybe able to do is do a transparency thing....have it drop to 0 maybe? The button will still be there and such just invis till its needed. Not sure how much restrictions are made with the UI...
File: Unit Frame Action Bars12-31-06
Testing with XPerl
Posted By: Urlryn
Originally posted by Jasmeralia This should be in 0.6. Feedback appreciated :) Well I'm trying out XPerl now... 1. Need a slider or something to move the buttons x / y positions. Action bars overlaps some of the frames...not by much tho 2. Ability to change the number of columns/rows for action bars would be nice too!...
File: Unit Frame Action Bars12-30-06
Re: Re: Error with agUF
Posted By: Urlryn
Originally posted by Jasmeralia Yes. This means my detection code did not know what frames to attach to. What unit frame mod/mods are you running? oops I thought I had put that also for ya...... I'm using agUF only so far. And now that I've read the prior posts your still waiting on more info to make this work with agUF cor...
File: Unit Frame Action Bars12-30-06
Error with agUF
Posted By: Urlryn
Hey Jas, any idea what this is all about? Just downloaded and installed your addon since Loz obviously isn't getting to gb anytime soon :D UFAB_Attachframe: frame2 unknown, displaying i've seen UFABPartyPet1BarFrame UFABRaid1 thru 3BarFrame and so on Thanks Urlryn