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File: MoveAnything09-22-11
Re: Fourth Bag
Posted By: lochnar
Originally posted by unstoppixel For some reason my 4th bag on one of my guys won't allow me to position it. I can't checkmark, select it with the code and name, and I even tried to import my layout from another guy, but it still didn't work. Not sure why because it works on my main character fine, but for some reason on my alt...
File: TipTac11-06-08
I expect that this is due to the al...
Posted By: lochnar
I expect that this is due to the already mentioned problem with updating tooltips, but I just wanted to add to the list a mod that it is affecting that I don't want to have to give up. MonkeyQuest has a feature that adds a line to the tooltip for quest items/mobs saying #/# for how many you have and how many you need. I see it quic...
File: TradeSkillInfo11-07-06
This is a beautiful mod! I replace...
Posted By: lochnar
This is a beautiful mod! I replaced Reagent Data/Info and RecipeBook with it. The only thing I miss is the tracking of banked recipes that RecipeBook does, but you have that in your to do list. Thank you for your work on this. I hope you see your way to keep working on it despite others stepping on your toes.
File: Recipe Book07-07-06
Again, there appears to be a proble...
Posted By: lochnar
Again, there appears to be a problem with the upload. Clicking download attempts to send version 1.10.3 not 1.11.0.
File: Recipe Book05-23-06
The date and version listed in your...
Posted By: lochnar
The date and version listed in your description are 5/21/2006 version 1.10.3 but the date at the top says 4/12/2006 and the download file is 1.10.2c. Is 1.10.3 actually available?