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File: Detached MiniMap Buttons12-16-09
Posted By: wiggle
Is there going to be an update for this mod me love it and would like to see it continue. Thank you for all your time in making this mod
File: SmartDebuff04-22-09
Thank u
Posted By: wiggle
Thanks for the update i love this mod and yes its better than decursive:banana:
File: SmartDebuff04-20-09
We need update
Posted By: wiggle
Could we possibly get an update on this? Or is this mod dead? Really love this decurse mod Thank u for ur time Wiggle
File: Movable Bags10-18-08
Great Work
Posted By: wiggle
Thank u so much for the update to this mod it is greatly appreciated ty ty ty
File: X-Perl UnitFrames10-17-08
mt target window
Posted By: wiggle
Is the Mt target window working i was in raid and could not see the window for main tank? Anyone else having this issue
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window10-16-08
error linking
Posted By: wiggle
:4:attempt to call global"ATSW_GetTradeSkillItemLink (a nil value) I have cleared all old files to start fresh and have gotten message on two different computers I hopes this helps with bug And ty ty ty for doing this mod again I love it
File: Badapples10-16-08
new apples
Posted By: wiggle
how do we transfer the names we have in 2.4 Or is there a way to retrieve the names so we can type them in again Thanks for all your time with this mod Love it
File: X-Perl UnitFrames08-25-08
Re: Player Buffs/Debuffs Countdown
Posted By: wiggle
there is a slider you can size the buffs for player on right hand side and target is towards the bottom right hand side. Hope that helps
File: X-Perl UnitFrames08-22-08
error not clearing
Posted By: wiggle
I keep getting this error all the time. I have cleared the lua and still happening, I go to wowace to get updates, but i posted this error here in the hope you could solve this error could not find any forums for this on wowace. Thank you for your time in advance Date: 2008-08-22 09:11:45 ID: 50 Error occured in: Global Count:...
File: SmartBuff12-18-06
how to stop
Posted By: wiggle
Is there anything that i need to do in order to get this to stop giving this message on smart buff?
File: SmartBuff12-17-06
blizzard ui message keeps coming up
Posted By: wiggle
Is there any suggestions on how to stop the blizzard ui message to disable or ignore to keep coming up everytime i loot money ?