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File: Shadowed Unit Frames02-27-10
Originally posted by Shadowed Zip...
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Originally posted by Shadowed Zip your ShadowedUnitFrames/ and ShadowedUF_Options/ folders, email to [email protected] mail sent, waiting patiently :D
File: Shadowed Unit Frames02-26-10
Error with last final and alpha.
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Hi shadowed, just updated to the latest Alpha since I was getting the following error every time I was trying to open the config menu with the command /suf This still happens for me in the latest alpha from wowace. Any advises? Error: : AceConfigDialog-3.0-45:3511: AceConfigRegistry-3.0:ValidateOptionsTable(): ShadowedUF.ar...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames09-04-09
Visceroid: Ah sorry I forgot I adde...
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Visceroid: Ah sorry I forgot I added it for both party and player but I set it to only be shown for the player for the time being ... thanks allot :D
File: Shadowed Unit Frames09-03-09
Vehicle Switch
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Hello Shadowed, sorry for inquiring again but as you said Vehicle Switch for Party should be right there (where it is for player) but I can't find it anywhere in my version (latest from WoWi) of SUF. Is there a trick to make it visible? (any specific party setting maybe?)
File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-29-09
Originally posted by Shadowed Vis...
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Originally posted by Shadowed Visceroid: There isn't going to be a ToT because they're inaccurate due to ToT not being a real unit and they're inefficient/a pain to implement. There already is an option to disable vehicle switching for party under the same place as it is for players. Thanks for the answer.. I seem to be stupid as...
File: XqoLoot08-26-09
Originally posted by noble8 What'...
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Originally posted by noble8 What's changed? :P Please make use of the change log. ;) The only change I could see is the (at least from my side) much appreciated switch to a real .ZIP file. Filecompare showed no other difference between the last and this version else. @Manaman: Are you sure Xqoloot is causing that? I'm als...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames08-25-09
Some thanks and a request
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First off, thanks for this unit frames. Switched over from Pitbull due to several issues and after configuring for 1 hour, I'm more than happy with them :D There are only 2 things which I'm missing and would like to see them added if it's not to much work. First is a rather minor issue, but I would really like to have the "Targ...
File: XqoLoot08-06-09
"/xqo fast" no longer available
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Hi Xqo, got the same problem as Kabaka below. Since I updated to the 3.2 version, "/xqo fast" just gives a list of commands. Autoloot only works for money and I don't see an option to enable the addon to loot anything without clicking.
File: AuctionLite06-18-09
Has been said several times already...
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Has been said several times already but options to reset (limit?) the size of the stored data from Auctionlite and usage of an external vendor price database would be optimal. Auctionlite went to use 5.5MB memory for me, which is quite high compared to all my other addons (next one on 2.3MB). Thanks in advance
File: Perfect Hit05-28-09
Would love this for my melee chars...
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Would love this for my melee chars too. Keep up the nice work ^^
File: AuctionLite03-16-09
Fast Scan - Strange combat log behavior
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Whenever I do a fast auction scan, my combat log seems to delay itself for a good 60 seconds. Meaning if I do a fast scan, run to Gamon and kill him, nothing will show in the combat log for another approx. 60 seconds and then suddenly the damage to and from Gamon appears. Nothing serious, but maybe something you want to check.
File: TooltipItemIcon02-24-09
Bug with TooltipItemIcon
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Just found out a little but annoying but with TTII. When you click an itemlink in chat, it opens with the correct icon shown. If you close the opened window with X no problem appears. Tho if you now click the same item link again, which closes the opened window and then click another itemlink, the new window will show the old icon...
File: SpamSentry02-23-09
Originally posted by SkunkWerks A...
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Originally posted by SkunkWerks And my retort was something along the line of "you try having 200+ addons installed and see if you don't get at least five errors a session." I have 143 folders (embeded libraries) in my addon directory (without the blizzard ones) and usually have 0 errors when playing :P Might be addon conflicts th...
File: IgnoreMore02-22-09
Originally posted by mikk I guess...
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Originally posted by mikk I guess a config toggle might be an idea... not an idea, but a must have :( I use IgnoreMore cause I have so many people on ignore I never ever want so see again.. it doesn't mater if thatÄs in Trade or Group ^^ actually I would even like if IgnoreMore just warns me if there is someone in the group who I...
File: XqoLoot02-17-09
Oh ya.. disabling the ingame autolo...
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Oh ya.. disabling the ingame autoloot function fixed that :) Thanks for the heads up ^^ :D PS: A ZIP version would be very nice, as my WUU doesn't seem to support RAR files, even though I tried installing 7zip as mentioned by the WUU Wiki.
File: XqoLoot02-16-09
Bug with XqoLoot
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Don't know if XqoLoot is causing it (or any of my other hundred addons) but it only happens when I have XqoLoot enabled (fastloot=on). Normally you get 1 line per looted item or money. You loot 12 Silver, 78 Copper When I enabled Fastloot I see my money loot like this: You loot 15 Silver, 49 Copper You loot 15 Silver, 49...