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File: oUF_Aftermathh05-25-11
Posted By: moxpoc
some one post the same proplem that im having with the target transparency, and u said the reson was that they were to far away from target. But even if im right on them the bar transparency is still very light. i really like this unitfram addon i hope its a small fix. thanx again http://i672.photobucket.com/albums/vv88/bsnedden/...
File: SuperClassic02-13-11
error with necrotic strick and unit frame
Posted By: moxpoc
http://i672.photobucket.com/albums/vv88/bsnedden/WoWScrnShot_021311_021742.jpg was on targget dummy and i got a error ever time i was using necrotic strike. so i turn off necrotictrack addon and the error went away.. its no big deal, but that addon pretty good for arenas. dont know if its SC or its NT but it wasnt giving me the...
File: SuperClassic10-31-10
same with me with the target-target...
Posted By: moxpoc
same with me with the target-target frame and for some reson for me for this ver. my unit frames are over laping and my spells on my action bars are gone. well not gone but cant see them..http://i672.photobucket.com/albums/vv88/bsnedden/WoWScrnShot_110110_114820.jpg
File: Zynix Unitframes10-30-10
target buff/debuff frame
Posted By: moxpoc
cann u add were we can move buff/debuff on target so its on the top, so if we have the unit frame close to the action bars it wont hide behind the bars.. i know there addons that can do that but its for us who like blizzard buff/debuff frames.. thanx again:banana::banana:
File: Barbol's UI06-29-10
Re: Re: Re: :(
Posted By: moxpoc
Originally posted by Jettan I had the same problem and ended up going thru addon by addon enabling till i found it was recount causing the problem i reinstalled recount from curse and problem solved. ty:banana::banana:
File: Barbol's UI06-28-10
Posted By: moxpoc
not sure if its on my end or one of the addsons, but when i start the game and it gets to the loading screen it freezes., if i disable all the addons it works fine. again i could be on my end but just wanted to know if any one having the same proplem with this ui.. but the addon looks great and i really want to try it out :banana::b...
File: LUI v306-07-10
unit/recount not lining up
Posted By: moxpoc
i had the same proplem that nosoup4crr had, dont know if this would help but it did it for me, all i did was deelte my wtf folder and started wow again and it fix it and ever thing lined up again (after if fixed my rez and stuff) hopefully this helps :).. sorry i didnt take a pic but i didnt want to start qq about that addon before...
File: rBottomBarStyler05-03-10
mana orb to target orb
Posted By: moxpoc
Plz zork plz plz, how can we switch player power orb to target health orb? plz plz plz :banana::banana::banana:
File: Trav's Unit Frame Extensions09-03-09
Posted By: moxpoc
getting this error when i log in :( Message: Interface\AddOns\UFE\UFE.lua:46: attempt to call global 'Debug' (a nil value) Time: 09/03/09 04:20:59 Count: 1 Stack: :18: in function <:4> : in function `Debug' Interface\AddOns\UFE\UFE.lua:46: in function Interface\AddOns\UFE\UFE.lua:243: in f...