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File: Clique08-29-12
Spells missing from spell book
Posted By: redwinelvr
Is the addon resetting our DB of spells in Beta version. I can see the "profiles" under general options, but there are no spells showing up on my spell book listing except for the defaults. Are we required to rebuild our spell configurations? Update: Never mind. I created a new profile. Logged out of the game once and now I c...
File: GSE: GearScore Replacement11-30-10
Another vote for you grabbing code from ElitistGroup if available
Posted By: redwinelvr
I previously used ElitistGroup before it was abandoned for Cataclysm. It was well designed and maybe the author will let you have the missing pieces to your puzzle.
File: WowheadPoints11-28-10
Maybe this is redundant with Pawn?
Posted By: redwinelvr
I understand the numbers are slightly different, but the PAWN addon is already using the scales from wowhead by default. Perhaps you could work with that author to offer this value in PAWN as well. They are intended to do the exact same thing and already handle gem slots.
File: GSE: GearScore Replacement11-27-10
GearScore being supplied by whom?
Posted By: redwinelvr
Where is the "Gearscore" in your addon coming from. The original addon or your own gearscore ranking?
File: The Ultimate Shaman Auras v4.011-05-10
Embedded POWA needed?
Posted By: redwinelvr
If we are going to use the import function to move these into place, are there any other items that still need to be merged into our own copy of Power Auras? I see that you included it in your package, but wasn't sure if you actually modified anything in that actual addon folder for Power Auras. Thanks.
File: The Ultimate Shaman Auras v4.010-28-10
Export Option?
Posted By: redwinelvr
Will there be an export of these updates? I can't figure out how to use this package without destroying other auras I have made for various toons.
File: Examiner01-05-09
Confused about Character sheet vs. Inspect window Stats
Posted By: redwinelvr
My bonus healing for Priest says 1899 in Character window, but only 1690 in Inspect window (Stats) making it hard to compare with others. Why might this be happening? If it is due to item calculation vs talent influence, then are we saying the best use of this tool is against others of similar class and talent build only? Another...