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File: Afflicted302-10-09
works fine, except for Howl of Terror
Posted By: ridzik
i'm using the default (which doesn't work for me) and i've tried to set it up with the spell id (every id for every possible rank, also the talented ones) but no HoT cd is showing up. what's wrong?
File: ShieldsUp01-08-09
ShieldsUp- - when you sw...
Posted By: ridzik
ShieldsUp- - when you switch battlegrounds (join AV when you're in WS or sth) it wouldn't recognize your new raidgroup and stay in solomode, i'm forced to /reloadui beta_ShieldsUp- - in battlegrounds it does only track ES on people from your own server - lacks an option to remove the player-who-has-ES-text o...