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File: Aptus Aura Frames10-18-10
Really love these buff frames! I'm...
Posted By: MissCrissi
Really love these buff frames! I'm so very picky about my aura mods and it took me awhile before deciding that this was the one I wanted. My only issue right now is that I can't click-off my buffs. Would this be a feature you may add in the future? Thanks! <3
File: MissCrissi's UI Revised02-16-10
Re: No MissCrissi [UI] Option
Posted By: MissCrissi
Originally posted by [email protected] Ok i downloaded the pack and renamed everything so it goes with my info but im not getting a MissCrissi option. At the login under my username im also getting MissCrissi and i click that one. Still nothing is working to match ur UI At log-in, just disregard the MissCrissi option an...
File: MissCrissi's UI Revised02-09-10
I know there are a couple of errors...
Posted By: MissCrissi
I know there are a couple of errors and possibly issue with Skada working immediately upon loading the UI up and setting everything. If you can pinpoint any issues, please let me know so I can fix them. Oh, and anyone have some tips on lowering the size of the file?
File: Caith UI06-29-09
Even though I've made my own UI, I...
Posted By: MissCrissi
Even though I've made my own UI, I really liked the look and feel of yours and decided to give it a try on my newly installed wow on my old pc. I really like it, but I have a couple of questions if you don't mind? When I go to Pitbull and look at the different configuration modes, both party and raid show Party unitframes directly...