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File: DKHelper03-27-09
Runic Power
Posted By: Nightshroud89
Any way to implement a way to disable the runic power part? just wondering. great addon.
File: Graphimi03-27-09
More bars
Posted By: Nightshroud89
Just wondering, are there any other action bars that are able to be enabled? if not, think u could try to a couple more in there? my death knight and shaman both need more buttons than what you have there. other than that great addon rly nice design!
File: TotemManager02-17-09
Salchan wat it is is there r probab...
Posted By: Nightshroud89
Salchan wat it is is there r probably favorites added just control-shift-leftclick each one to get it to collapse. i have a question for the author. Is there anyway to make this useable by a paladin for there seals, judgements, and auras?
File: SimpleBar02-09-09
A slight modification
Posted By: Nightshroud89
Is there anyway you could move the other 2 bars on the right side of the screen to be on top of the 3 bars in the middle of the screen? i prefer all my bars in the middle, and my shaman especially needs all 5 bars. thnx!
File: Crystal UI (Aion: Tower of Eternity)02-08-09
Posted By: Nightshroud89
I dont use a widescreen monitor im broke and my comp is old T-T. i dont fully understand the 1024x768 or watever being a patch. do u think it would be possible for you to either make it its own compilation? or could u explain how its a ptach and how im supposed to install it? thnx! nice ui btw.