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File: AI-Art01-04-10
Posted By: comasehee
It's great! one thing, I use 'AuctionLite'- and I think AI-ART doesn't fit AuctionLite. Would you make another art source for AuctionLite?
File: No raid frames.06-14-09
:) Thanks!
Posted By: comasehee
You're very kind! Thanks for update. :) I have some questions :) I want that My own buff shows bigger than others on target frame. not filtering, just I want my buff bigger. Examples, in Raid- when I cast renew, I can't distinguish between mine and others. And , I want heath/power value shows like "8000/10000.80%" Is...
File: oUF Asym UI - Widescreen04-01-09
Posted By: comasehee
Hi :) I love this addon! ^^ spcially Ouf! I have a question. I wanna Player/Target's Health value shown all the times. Absoulte(like ???/???) and Percent. But now If I have a full health, it doesn't show my health value~ thanks for good addon! I'm afford to your response!
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.01-31-09
Posted By: comasehee
My client is korean. So I have to combine english&korean. I can't find Morpheus in sct folder :( Maybe you use wow\font\morpheus.ttf. Very pretty UI! But cause of font- If I use this UI originally, all letters show only "?" :(
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.01-30-09
Posted By: comasehee
Thx! But I can't find Morpheus.ttf in your UI Plz upload files included that font .. Please~
File: Boda UI - Discontinued.01-29-09
Posted By: comasehee
Awesome UI! I wonder what font uses in SCT. 'cause My client, I must combine fonts..:(
File: thek: Actionbar01-23-09
Re: Re: :(
Posted By: comasehee
I can't upload image file. :( Here is my addon list !!!Zoom!!! !BaudErrorFrame ACP Align ArenaCountDown BigWigs Chatter eePanels2 Examiner FramesResized Fubar FuBar_InstanceInfoFu FuBar_MoneyFu FuBar_PerformanceFu FuBar_uClock GatherMate GatherMate_Data GatherMate_Sharing Gladius Grid ImpCastbar ImprovedMacro...
File: thek: Actionbar01-20-09
Posted By: comasehee
I still have an error every log in. I deleted all *.lua files in WTF folder , and after logging I typed '/tbar scale 1' then reload. but still remains error. I have paladin and priest Interface\AddOns\thek!Bar\core.lua:382: attempt to index a nil value Count: 1 Call Stack: : ? Interface\AddOns\thek!Bar\core.lua:382: in func...
File: thek: Actionbar01-16-09
Posted By: comasehee
I use this addons very useful! Thanks! I play with paladin and priest. Only I log in paladin, get some errors.here it is.:( I read commments, but I have no characters with with stance and petbar at the same time. Interface\AddOns\thek!Bar\core.lua:382: attempt to index a nil value Count: 1 Call Stack: : ? Interface\A...